Monday, February 18

Hawaii Day Two: Hapuna Beach State Park

After our morning ukelele lessons we decided to drive up into the mountains and check out the poniolo (cowboy) town of Waimea where Barni had recommended a music store. On the way we stopped at Hapuna Beach State Park to check it out and watch the sunset. It came highly recommended by one of Tristan's co-workers.
We could see why.
The soft ivory sand was a welcome change for our feet from the harsh lava outcroppings and the lack of reefs made it a popular, and easier, surf spot. Lots of local families were enjoying a day at the beach, cooking out, and being active. Between the views, waves, and handy facilities it was clearly a great spot.
(Tristan was all smiles and romance.)
(I was all my usual "Tada! Yay beachy time!")
(You can't quite tell from the photos but Hapuna Beach is in a little cove like spot and the black outcropping to the left of the sun in the photos are actually cliffs that are quite large.)
(We took a moment to document the anniversary part of our trip by writing the date in the sand.)
(We had done the same thing last year on our first anniversary in México but we wrote the wedding date, 01/23/11, instead. This year we figured it made more sense to do the current year for future photo perusal purposes...)

It was a perfect place to kick back and watch a magical sunset. Colors splashed across the sky as waves splashed on the shore. The horizon looked as though a conch shell had opened up its colorful secret interior to you, giving you just a peek, amidst the blues of the ocean and sky.

Azure waves rolled and crashed inland then tumbled to shore criss-crossing over each other as they went. We stayed until all that was left of the sun was an evening's glow and no more. Then we drove off towards the dark and towards a little night's adventure.



(All images created and owned by Krista Carson, please ask permission prior to use.)


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Almost seems like a dream, doesn't it?