Saturday, February 23

Belated Valentine's Date

Last week the Husband and I finally got to have our belated Valentine's date (He's been working a lot of long hours lately). We exchanged presents in the morning and spent the day at the Seattle Aquarium, wandered around the market, and enjoyed the sunshine (more on those later).

For lunch I treated him to one of our favorite Seattle treasures: Lowell's. We tried it for the first time over four years ago when we were apartment scouting prior to our move out here.

It's a local institution and the fish is deliciously fresh and local. (The Dungeness crab Lowell's Rolls are insanely good!) Normally it's shoulder to shoulder on all three floors of the restaurant but the market was slow and it was almost entirely empty on the first floor so I took the opportunity to take a few pics and linger with my love.

Especially since it might be our last chance to enjoy it. With the Husband's super busy schedule before we move in July (Oh yeah, we're moving!), my brother's wedding in June, and how insane the market gets end of spring/ early summer the odds are not in our favor.

I had a super yummy salmon sandwich! So fresh and delicious! All the accompanying accoutrements were just as good too: freshly baked panini bun, crisp local veggies, killer aioli sauce, and some of the best french fries around... Mmm!

(The Husband was all sunlit smiles.)
Husband threw me for a loop when he ordered the pulled pork sammy, we've never bothered to order anything but seafood there before, but it proved to delectable too.
(The view complete with piers and docks on the sound downtown. And including... Sunshine! Hooray for sunshine in Seattle!)
(Seattle's new ferris wheel. They lit it up pink with hearts that swirled and changed sizes for Valentines Day, so fun!)

(Me soaking up some sun in all my Seattle layers. It was chilly out thbrrr! Note me proudly wearing the sea otter sticker the aquarium gave me for filling out a survey, I lurve sea otters! Sooo cute! Getting people to fill those things out sucks so I did one to help out.)

If you're ever in the market you should stop in for a bite, you won't be disappointed!



(All images created and owned by Krista Carson, please ask permission prior to use.)



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