Sunday, September 30

Sun(DIY) Happy Birthday!

Today I'd like to wish my dear sister Stacy the Happiest of Birthdays! She's the bomb and being such she deserves more than just a store bought card. So I made one, with lots of love! (I hid private info with some tape)
I used cute washi tape to attach two pieces of pretty paper from Impress together and a white gel milk pen to write. Added a feature square (I made the fancy corners with a Martha Stewart Punch), then hole punched two holes through it with a screw punch, threaded some twine, and tied on a sparkly candle!
For the inside, I added another feature square made of pink polka dot paper and wrote well wishes around it with the same pen. (You can see a smidgen of twine on the top part and if you look closely at the "houndstooth" check you'll notice it contains tiny little repeating hearts because... I love my sis!)
On the back I made my own little "Hallmark" style trademark.

And tucked it all into a little blue envelope I labeled with Birthday greetings.


Happy Birthday Stacy!!! I hope you like it! I love you so much and wish I could be there! Hope you have a most fabulous day! Mwah!



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Your as old as me now! ;)


Friday, September 14

Random Friday Funny

How funny is this "Philosoraptor" print by Aled Lewis? Too cute, right? I know it made me smile and who doesn't love a good Jurassic Park quote.... There's so many funny, albeit unintended funny, ones.



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Thursday, September 13

Quotable Notes

Love this quote, what's your point of view?



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Tuesday, September 11


It's the 11th anniversary today of an event that I think, for all those alive when it happened, we'll always remember... Remember where we were, remember those lost, remember the real life heroes of that day....

Today send out my prayers to those still aching and watch Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (The book was excellent) to do just that, remember. Because no matter how much time has passed every year on this day I find myself, like many, doing just that.

Kisses (with hugs and prayers),


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Inspire Me Tuesday

Hope your day is simply honest, very kind, and super silly!



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Monday, September 10

Back To School?

This time of year I always miss going back to school. I especially miss getting ready for my college classes. I have a degree in Art History and you had to take a few studio (i.e. art production) classes as well so that meant buying lots of fab art books and tons of great art supplies... Swoon...

Melanie over on You Are My Fave posted this great montage to back to school and got me jones-ing for it. Maybe I'll do my own too, after all it's never too late for learning. ;) Do you miss going back to school? Or are you going?



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Saturday, September 8

Mt St Helen's Continued, 3

Husband and I decided to save Coldwater Lake for the drive out instead of in and we were glad we did. We got more sunlight up on the mountain (where you need to be more careful) and were still rewarded with gorgeous vistas and an uber easy trek around the lake (They're were some great paved paths here and easy well delineated hiking).
I've always thought this Eiseley quote is so beautiful and was happy to see it posted on the trailhead.
Isn't the lake truly magical? It's crystal clear and you can see right down to its volcanic rock base.
You can also see Mt St Helen's peaking out at you amidst the now thriving trees.
It's a beautiful lake and while you can't go swimming you can go boating in electric motorized or non-motorized boats.

The lake itself is actually filled with water drained from a fellow lake nearby in order to prevent that lake from overflowing and flooding the town after the eruption when all the old glacial ice was melting. Pretty cool, right? Plus, the animals love it. But even with all the new life surrounding the lake you still see a lot of tree stumps dotting the landscape where the blast from eruption blew them down...

There are, however, really beautiful Birch forests that ring the lake. They were planted post eruption to help re-build the area. Birch are one of my favorites. They are so elegant with their tall, slender, silvered trunks...

Since it was summertime there we also flowers blooming everywhere. I liked these purple ones (I think they're foxglove?) the best. Stunning, right?

The path through the woods was pretty beautiful too...

the sun sinking down below the hills.



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Friday, September 7

Mt St Helen's Continued 2

Once we left the ridge by the observatory we drove a bit further away and came across another awesome viewpoint.

You could really see the effects of the blast zone here. The blown over trees were mostly still intact in this area because, while this area was still devastated, the lava flow did not turn it to ash.

You see an completely uprooted tree here as well as the new life springing up around it.
We hiked a bit down a narrow mountainside trail and were rewarded with continuously fantastic views as we went. You can't really see how steep and tiny the trail is here... It was big enough to hike on but you really had to watch your footing on the loose slippery ash the trail was made of!

We were really enjoying ourselves and were debating whether or not to go "just a bit further" when the sun starting setting lower and we spotted a cougar about fifty yards away down slope...

So... We decided we better keep one eye on the cougar and head back but he disappeared into the brush pretty fast so no picture and no lingering (we couldn't tell which way it went!)... Even on the way back the trail afforded supe beautiful views though!

I was trying to show how steep it really was but with all the grass growing off the nutrient rich ash you really can't tell in the pics.

But, here is one last pic of this trail anyway. A pre-requisite shadow picture. My Husband and I have been taking them for years just about everywhere we go. (I even had a really special one I did as a gift for our anniversary back when we were dating in an art show once. This one wasn't so arty though, just for memories.)

Till the 'morrow...



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Thursday, September 6


Just wanted to share, this made me laugh and left me with a smile... Now... If only it left Husband smiling earnestly instead of just busting a gut we could be onto something... Win some, lose some, at least there are smiles!



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Pretty Party

How inspiringly cute is this first birthday party?!? Kelli Murray, of Kelli Murray_Art and Design, threw this adorably themed party for her daughter's first birthday.


I love the feather motif and handmade charm. She even made the little tents herself and posted a tutorial on her blog.



Stripes, giant balloons, and bright colored fringe? Yes, please!


And can we talk about how much I love these string and feather tied chevron bags? So, much! I use this kind of chevron bag a lot for various things but the feather really makes it over the top cute! Note to self: must do this!
Also, what girl, big or small, doesn't want to run around in a feather headress at some point? I know I do! Feeling like a Native American Princess? Yes, please... May I have some more?
I think this super awesome quilt they're all picnicking and chilling out on shoul do the trick....

Thanks Kelli Murray, for always filling our lives with the awesome that you share!

Hope you all enjoyed this dose of cuteness as much as I did! Would you wear a feather headress?



(All of these fantastically cute images via Kelli Murray_Art and Design)


Wednesday, September 5

Mt St Helen's Continued

Our road trip out to Mt St Helen's was awesome! We saw so many great things I wanted to share a bunch more.
The volcano was was beautiful and the recovering landscape was amazing too.

This map shows where the photos were taken from at the Johnston Observatory Ridge.

Here's a photo of the current seismic activity. You can see Mt St Helen's reflected from outside the observatory window.

The information available inside was super great and interactive! If your into geology it's awesome! If your not, it helps explain what's going on in a fun way.

The volcano isn't supposed to erupt again anytime soon but is still active.
This is a sign discussing life before the eruption versus after.
In this photo you can see the two big grey chunks of granite off in the distance that actually used to be the top of the mountain. When it erupted they blew off.
Once Mt St Helen's lost her top the mountain ended up with a sort of flattened bowl left for a top.
Me and the volcano! I was super psyched!
It's hard to tell how massive everything actually is from the photos. There were actually some rather large elk in this photo but they could only be seen with magnification. (And there was steam rising out most of the time we were there, so cool!)
I thought this was a neat elevation chart.
To the left of the mountain is a giant pumice field you can hike out to.
There are remnants of ash flows left leading from the volcano throughout the valley. Some have small rivers running through them but overall they're pretty wide and mostly just, well, ash. It's neat to see life growing up around the remaining ash.
You can see felled trees all over the place that flattened out in a radial pattern from the blast zone. The reddish cast you see is actually small red flowers.

You can see a small river glinting in the sun in this ash flow off to the far left of St Helen's.

The Johnston Observatory Ridge is a fantastic lookout. I highly recommend making the drive out to it if your ever in Mt St Helen's National Monument!



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