Friday, August 31

Starting To Feel OLD

You find out the shows of your youth are being featured on MTV2's "Old School Afternoons."

Thank you MTV for, firstly, making me excited that Saved By The Bell is on tv while I'm on vacation! Hooray!

And, secondly, finding out its being featured on "Old School Afternoons." Ouch!

Just when I'm feeling good you're always there to remind me that after 18 I am no longer relevant in our youth worshiping country... Thirty here I come! Lol! Here's to wisdom to balance out lack of youth in our "old age."



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Thursday, August 30

Will Return

F1 Seatpack
Pardon my more sporadic than usual posting but the Husband and I are off to Chicago for a whirl and right now I'm probably:

Wondering around my old stomping grounds downtown, enjoying a bit of suburbia with my In-laws, going to a temple for my friends wedding blessing ceremony, dancing hopefully and literally my ass off at an Indian Wedding celebration, cooing over new baby girl V, and maybe, just maybe chillaxing a bit.


I'll try to set up some posts in advance and post "live" as I'm able. Hope you have a beautiful week lovely ones!

Catch you later Alligators...



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Wednesday, August 29

Oh So Chic!

I was tunneling through Erica Cook's Moth Design blog when I "fell" down a rabbit hole * and soon enough stumbled across this beauty... Why hello there you turquoise dreamboat you...

She (and by she I mean this luscious built in bed) is the handiwork of Massucco Warren Miller Interior Design and Decorations. They're located in LA, San Fran, and Seattle and their website features other gorgeous high end design babies but this is definitely my fave!

J'adore the cute reading lamps, bright turquoise, deep reddish pink, great storage, and swooping lines of this bookshelf to bed built-in!

While I'm not so keen on the chandelier or the sillohuette pillows (which is weird because normally I like sillohuetted things...) I still think this design would be perfect for a home office! It would make such a great sitting couch during the day and provide overflow guest quarters (I have una grande familia). You could even put a trundle under the bed instead of drawers (with a faux "drawer" facade natch) for more sleeping space! Perfection, indeed!



*When I say "fell" or "went" down a rabbit hole I'm really saying that I probably spent too much time perusing a blog or web page, only to be lead to another blog or web page, which brought me to un altro blog or web page, that possibly led me to something good, and hopefully that something good's source (sometimes finding the original source proves nye impossible)... So... just consider me Alice in this crazy internets we call home.

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Tuesday, August 28

Morning Brew

This morning as I poured my latte out I discovered a little love in my cup. ❤ Just wanted to pass it on you!
Who will you pass a little love onto today?



Inspire Me Tuesdays

Keep going, you're closer to achieving the things you set out to do when you keep moving forward.

When we stop dreaming, and pursuing our dreams, we get stuck where we are. So keep moving forward and keep getting closer cause... You're closer than you think!

What will you do this week to get closer, and every little bit counts, to your goals and dreams?



(Original photo and image by and owned by Krista Carson, please ask to use and credit.)


Bill Murray Wants To Crash Your Party!?

Have you heard about this? Crazy, right?

Not sure if it's real or not but if it is... Crazy, cool!! Maybe I'll call the number and find out... Unfortunately I just heard about this today and live in Seattle.... (Boo August 12th date!) or my "Bill Murray Can Crash Here" banner would have been flying out front. But its not too late for the Boston through Austin peeps! Would you let Bill Murray crash at your place?


(PDF via Super Official News Bill Murray Party Tour, seriously, it super officially is. Click the link.)


Monday, August 27

Closet Case

I'm heading out of town, again, next week which means I'm in for some serious laundry and closet re-hauling in order to find things to pack...

My closet has gotten a little out of control lately. Normally it's super organized by clothing type (i.e. tanks, short sleeves, long sleeves, etc.) and then by color within each type.

Not sure if I do this because I'm a super creative person that likes looking at all the pretty colors lined up or if I just have a Type A streak in me... Either way it makes it so much easier to find what you're looking for and pick an outfit out.

Are you a neat freak or a "as long as I can still shut the doors" pile it all in kind of person? Any tips on closet organization or packing?



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Friday, August 24

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes...

I love these, slightly crazy, super sparkly Sergio Rossi Mermaid Swarovski Crystal Booties on Shopbop! They are so beautiful yet so fun I just wanted to share. These may be out of my price range but a girl can dream, especially about shoes.... ;)



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Tuesday, August 21

Inspire Me Tuesday

Here's to the good thoughts that make us shine! Mine are all the people I love and that love me! What thought makes you shine, lovely readers?



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Monday, August 20

Even Einstein...

Even Einstein had fluffy slipper kind of days so don't sweat it.



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Sunday, August 19

Love, This!

You know that catchy Paleontologist song from the kids shoe commercial? Well, I love museums, rocks, and dinosaurs so I found myself with it on repeat in my head. I googled it and was pleasantly surprised!

I give you "I Am A Paleontologist" by They Might Be Giants and Danny Weinkauf. Give it a watch. It's super fun and will make you smile!



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Sun(DIY): Cake Pops

Last time I was visiting Chicago my brother-in-law wanted to make dessert for a party they were having, so we decided to give cake pops a go. They were surprisingly easy! (And no we didn't use any fancy tools or baking trays. Just good old-fashioned ingenuity.)
First we baked two cakes, one strawberry and one key lime. Once they cooled we broke them up into fluffy bits with a fork.

They were then ready to be mixed with icing. We used pre-made store bought icing and mixed in cream cheese as well (so they wouldn't be overwhelmingly sweet). We used 3/4's of a can of icing with equal cups (equal amounts) of cream cheese. (Ours still came out out pretty sweet though so I would recommend more cream cheese than icing for my next go round.) We mixed everything well until the cake now had the consistency of a dough. Then we froze it for an hour till it was cool enough to work with.

After removing the "dough" from the freezer we rolled it into balls. (I recommend rolling smaller balls about the size you would do when using a spoon to make cookies. You can make larger ones but they become heavy on the stick, are harder to dip, and are prone to falling off the stick while dipping.) Then place each ball on a waxed paper lined freezable tray and put a stick in each one.

After that's done it's back to the freezer with them till they are frozen.

Once frozen and ready to go, stop, and prep. Put any sprinkles your using in a bowl. Then prepare your chocolate. I like to use the Wilson melts because they are super user friendly. I put a handful of melts in a small microwaveable bowl and nuke it for one minute at a time, occasionally stirring, till all the chocolate is consistently melted. I like to use a butter knife to stir and then keep it handy (for exactly) that when I'm dipping as well. And BE CAREFUL! The chocolate is HOT and can burn you!

Now's also when you want set up the tray you're going to put the dipped pops on. I used an old styrofoam cooler lid that we had lying around. It not only worked great but was also a great way to give a seond life to the styrofoam. (Just be sure to wash it first!)

Now you're ready to dip! Take your tray out of the freezer and start to dipping by taking each pop, one at a time, and starting at an angle swirl the pop in the chocolate till its completely covered. (Resist the urge to dunk... The cake gets covered waaay to thickly and tends to fall off the stick.) Once covered carefully push the pop, stick down, into the styrofoam tray, or receptacle of your choosing, so as not to smear the hot chocolate. Then take some sprinkles, be sure to do this while it's still hot) and sprinkle them onto the pop. Be sure to stir your chocolate lightly as needed while dipping. I also like to sometimes "cheat" as the chocolate cools and pick up the bowl and tilt it as I swirl the pop.

As you run out of chocolate melts it will become difficult to dip so you will need to pause and melt some more in the microwave. Be sure to do this as needed rather than trying to melt and use a whole bowl. A large bowl of chocolate melts is not only harder to heat without burning them (and creating an awful mess) but it's also harder to work with while dipping as the chocolate tends to change consistency in different areas too fast.

Once all your pops are melted and sprinkled put them back in the fridge to harden them and keep them cool till ready to serve. (You can leave them out on the counter to cool as well but they will take longer to harden.)

Once hardened, that's it! You're done!

Find an attractive way to serve them and voila! Finé!

Let me know if you liked this DIY or if you have any questions!



(All images by and owned by Krista Carson. Please use with permission and give credit.)

Saturday, August 18

Off The Grid

The Husband and I went on a spontaneous road trip the other day that took us completely out of cell range.

(Below is a screenshot of my poor iPhone trying to locate us, and signal.)

I won't tell you where we went just yet but it rocked my world!

Any guesses? More surprises to follow soon!



(All images by and owned by Krista Carson. Please ask permission for use and give credit, thanks!)


Friday, August 17

Jewel Box Drool

I was on the Refinery29 site when I came across pics of Graziela jewels. Intrigued, I did some further site seeing and... Love!
She has some very elegant pieces in a variety of price ranges, unfortunately for my current budget those ranges are expensive to ouch!peoplecanbuythat!?! right now. It never hurts to look though right?

The pieces I love the most are the ones that feel just to the funky side of elegant. I mean how cool is the jade cuff in the top left corner?

My favorites are the moonstone drop earrings (Yes, please) and especially the turquoise bow earrings. J'adore! What do you think? Too funky for you or just the pop of "flair" your wardrobe could use?


(Images via Graziela, commentary by me)


Wednesday, August 15

Get Nailed

When I got my reminder from about the Perseid Meteor Shower peaking this past weekend I was psyched!!! (Nerd alert, I know) I love sky watching and couldn't wait to see some shooting stars and make some wishes! When I realized that the ambient light and cloudy skies where I'm at in Seattle wouldn't allow for good viewing (even if I got my butt out of bed in the pre-dawn hours, the best viewing time) I was bummed...

So I decided to make my own meteor shower instead. I give you:

Perseid Meteor Shower Nails

With this design, even though I missed the sky show, I can still have two handfuls of wishes with me at all times!

Do you bundle up and watch meteor showers or just take the wish-pportunity when you happen upon it?

I used two blues, a glitter nail polish, and nail crystals to create a look I'm quite happy with. My Perseus constellation proportions, done in the crystals, are a little wonky but it's just a quick first go, so.... Eh... I'll get it right next time. Thoughts? Would you want to see a DIY of this?



(Image by and property of Krista Cason, please ask permission and credit when using)

Tuesday, August 14

Books to Shelve

I always loved the look of the vintage copies of I Married Adventure, a chic looking book and an awesome read? Yes, please! But it wasn't until I got married to my move me across the continent beau a year and a half ago that I started looking for a copy in earnest. There are a few out there but they are pricey and my still fairly newlywed budget can't afford them yet... In the meantime, I'll keep a weather eye out and just enjoy this stylishly laid out pic with you!



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Saturday, August 11

Kate Spade "K"andy

Sorry for the intense blog silence. First my immune system (or lack thereof, thank you very much auto-immune disorder...) was unsuccessfully fighting of a summer flu (yes summer!?! What's that about?). Then my Dad went to the ER and now my Grandpap is in the hospital! Yikes!!! So in an effort to lighten things up a bit I did so online window shopping.

Kate Spade makes the cutest things. I especially love the new collab with one of my favorite bloggers, photogs, and illustrators: Garance Doré. Isn't the illustration she did for them fab? And the cellphone case and purse? Trés chic! I also adore the zebra watch bangle, tweed bag, and illustrated serving tray... Love!

Well, I hope you enjoyed sharing my window shop wants. Please excuse me if my blogging's a little spotty as the personal chaos continues... I'll try my best to keep up with this a little slice of lightness and positivity for my sake and to share a smile with everyone else!

Where's your go to window shopping spot when you need a pick me up?



(Images via Kate Spade)