Saturday, February 2

Creative Cool: Angela & Ithyle

Angel and Ithyle are a super creative and awesome photography/ videography duo/ couple!

They are responsible for the very cool stop motion Amazon Kindle adverts and for the awesome Lost Things stop motion below!

They're creativity seems boundless and ahead of the curve while winking at the past. LOVE!

They have a site and blog on which they share more of their awesomeness.

Angela is also one half of the Blogshop duo. Blogshop is a supercool class for your blog that I only wish I could take! The other half is made up of the uber cool Bri Emery of the blog DesignLoveFest. It seems so useful and fun! Sigh... Perhaps someday...

What do you think of Lost Things? Isn't it gorgeous! Be sure to check out more of Angela's and Ithyle's work on their site and blog!



(The incredible Lost Things is created and owned by Angela and Ithyle)



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