Friday, February 22

Creative Cool: Beauty With Purpose

Have you seen this yet?

This gorgeous shoot was done for the the Fizz and Frills (what a cute name, love it!) issue of the sweet online wedding magazine Utterly Engaged (Have you heard of it? It's definitely worth your perusal).


I love all the cherry blossoms plus the retro and shabby chic styling.

So much pretty!

It makes me want to head off for an afternoon of lounging in style on my front lawn* estate*...



*We only have a front yard, no back... It's just a balcony over the street on the side where all the garages are for the town homes we live in...

*Now I'll just have to work on the whole estate thing...

(All images via Utterly Engaged Vol. 3 Issue 24 Fizz and Frills.)


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