Thursday, April 26

It's Baby Shower Time!

One of my friends is having a baby girl so a group of us are throwing her a shower and I'm playing host. The adorable theme (great job Patty!) is "Mom to Bee" since her daughter's room will be mostly yellow.

I've been "busy as a bee" working on decor for the party. I've been fluffing tissue flowers and cutting and pasting all sorts of bits and bobs that I made... But I decided to splurge on one already made piece of gorgeousness!

It's by Every Lane (purchased via Cocodot).

It came beautifully shipped and packaged like this:

Was full of this (Woohoo confetti!!!!):

And is party ready in my home looking like this:

The shower's on Sunday so there's more party goodness to come! (and maybe some decoration making DIY's too... Let me know if you're interested!)




Tuesday, April 24

Inspire Me Tuesday!

I decided to start regular Tuesday posts about things, images, people, etc. that I find inspiring!

Why Tuesday? Why not? It's an oft skipped over day of the week when it comes to these sorts of things (it's all Wednesday is hump day, so sad it's Monday, and thanking the deities for Friday) but its also a great day for a little pick me up til you get to your much needed beloved weekend.

So without further ado...

Today I'd like to share a beautiful image of a watercolor palette. Color rocks my world when it comes to inspiring me. It lifts my mood and elevates my mind to the space it needs to be in to get my creative juices flowing!

Plus a palette is inspiration unto itself; it's full of endless possibilities, fresh starts, new ideas, and with a watercolor palette in particular mistakes can be washed away and fixed with the swipe of a brush...

So get to it and make your life an inspired one!



Image via my Pinterest, please click through for links!