Sunday, March 31


Easter is one of my most treasured holidays. It speaks to the heart of who I am as a Christian and to my family and its traditions.

Being a Pastor's kid while growing up meant that Easter was BIG in our home. Sure we gorged on chocolate and treats and hunted for eggs but it always meant so much more too.

It meant that Christ had died and risen from the dead so that we might be set free from our sins. That the bonds of death are broken so that we might have eternal life! How could I not get behind a sacrifice that awesome!

I know I've never really shared my religion here before but the whole reason Easter may be my MOST favorite holiday, beyond all the cuteness and sugar, is the awesome message of Jesus and his life and the celebration of his sacrifice for all.

On that note I say: "Hooray for Jesus! The Lord is risen indeed!"


Happy Easter!

He is risen indeed!

Friday, March 29

Get Nailed; Easter Edition

So my nails were looking rough and with Easter this coming Sunday (I know, Easter this soon?!? In March?!?) it was time for something fresh and fun. So I broke out the glitter polish and got to it.
I used Essie's Mint CandyApple on my toes and OPI's Sweetheart on my fingers. Then I covered both with OPI's When Monkeys Can Fly (Wizard of Oz themed) chunky gold and clear iridescent glitter and their Copper glitter polishes.


The glitter didn't photograph too well here (to be honest I could of tried harder to get a better shot too...) but it looks somehow polished and fun at the same time in person.

However, the gold didn't go as well the mint as I would of like but it still looked pretty (the scar on my toe is from accident with an exercise bike as a kid requiring stitches). I thought gold definitely went well the pale pink on my nails though, super cute! And I am so not a gold person, like ever, usually but I lurve this polish... Surprising for me but true.



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Thursday, March 28

Spring Has Sprung In Seattle/ I'm Back

So it looks like I've returned home to Seattle just in time for the start of spring!
Just look at the blue sunny sky above the monorail and needle today! Gorgeous!
The first bright spot in any of the gardens around town.

Super cool bark naturally curling up and peeling off a tree. Yes, even tree bark is ready for warm weather and sun around here!

And the best part:

Some of the cherry blossoms have started blooming! Sooo gorgeous! Before you know it all of Seattle and it's surrounding suburbs will be filled with blooming cherry blossoms in the air and daffodils on the ground! Love.

More cherry blossom porn.

Parting shot. (Though probably not my last this spring since this will be my final Seattle spring to enjoy them blooming before the move! I promise I'll say more about it as soon as I can.)

I also am finishing rounding up the shower pics, so that post will come soon. We had such a fun and lovely time!



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Tuesday, March 19

There And Back Again

On my way back home from another Florida trip. Goodbye Sunshine State, hello Emerald City!



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Sunday, March 10

Bridal Shower Inspiration

Today is the day of my sister in law to be's Florida bridal shower that I'm throwing. After polling her as to what she'd like I had: Eiffel towers, French things, and the sort of palette and look from Marie Antoinette's period at Versailles. Then I sifted and sorted through the Internet and Pinterest to find inspirational images to get my ideas flowing. This is some of what I found:
All of that gave way to me sketching this:
A Versailles inspired sketch of the bride herself.
Then that gave way to this:

The save the date for the shower (many of the invites where going to people out of town so I wanted to make sure they had enough notice).

It's a lot of pictures and process just to get things rolling, I know. But I thought it'd be fun to share all the pretty with you. I'll show the actual invites and more details later as things progress.



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Saturday, March 9

An Aww Moment...

I saw this out and about on the internets, apparently this letter was written by the best friend of a woman (both are women despite the bro used at the end) with short term memory loss so she could read and re-read it to help her get through.

So very sweet. I hope this is the type of friend I'd be in this situation and I like to think my friends and fam would do this too. Inspiring, no? Let's all promise to try and be a little nicer an kinder to each other. Ready? Pinky swear.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! The bridal shower is tomorrow so more to come on that soon!



(Image/ letter via


Friday, March 8

Happy International Women's Day!

Today is the day to celebrate women everywhere; so of you're a women, celebrate you! If you're not, celebrate the women in your life!

To all the women in my life, thanks for being so awesome and setting some great examples and standards! We wouldn't be near as far as we are today without your hard work and perseverance! Muchos Gracias!!! To all the women my age and younger, let's keep carrying the torch, we're strong, and as Rosie the Riveter made clear, we can do it!

Just for fun:

Hooray for the ladies!




Thanks to my cousin Chethan all the way in India for alerting me to Women's Day! I appreciate it!

(Awesome images by the super awesome Anne Taintor.)



Thursday, March 7

DIY: How To Braid A Scarf

Ever wonder how to braid a scarf like this? I used to till a sweet shop girl showed me how once a while ago. But for a refresher, or if you're just learning, click on through to the blog Krissa's Creative Hands for an easy tutorial. (I originally came across it on Pinterest, so addicting.)

Take that end of winter! Now even our scarves look like they're ready for spring!



(Image via Krissa's Creative Hands.)



I'm Staying Awake...

Still on West Coast time but on East Coast earth... Which means I'm still awake even though I'm exhausted and should be sleeping...

By the time you read this it'll be a new day. Hopefully my near to sleeping will turn into sleeping by then! ThanksoverymuchInsomnia/timezonechange. Hope you had a restful night and are having a great day!



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Wednesday, March 6

Wanderlust Wednesday

Today I give you Russia.

Siberia to be specific, Lake Baikal to be most specific.

Hear me out: Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world and despite the extreme cold the area is teeming with all sorts of life! It's a fascinating place and the nerd in me tortures the Husband by forcing him to watch most nature documentaries we come across and all water related nature documentaries... (Just ask him about Nature: A Duckumentary.) It looks harsh but so stunning on the screen. Any rate, how gorgeous are these unique coral formations in the lake?

Wouldn't it be a dream to see them? Of course you'd have to bundle up like nanook of the north but I think it'd be worth it. (This is even easier to say while I'm visiting in sunny Florida, ha! Sorry Seattle...)

Would you go to Siberia given the chance? It's looks stunning!



(Image via VisitTheWorld.)


Tuesday, March 5

On The Road Again

I'm on my way to Florida for my sister in law to be's wedding shower (More to come on that later).

Flying cross continental United States always takes forever and is not my favorite... But I love both places and I'm fortunate enough to go so... If only I look as chic and comfy as the gorgeous model above. It's a trifecta of gorgeous: gorgeous car, girl, and place.

Hope you're having a great Tuesday!



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