Tuesday, February 26

So, Tell Me About Yourself...

I was over on the Design Darling blog (It's really good guys, you should check it out!) and she asked her readers to tell her a little something about themselves.

(Isn't her header exactly what it says, darling?)

I loved the questions:

Favorite quote:

Furthest you've ever traveled:

Guilty pleasure:

One thing on today's to do list:

Trend you're over:


They're both thoughtful and fun! It got me wondering about all of you... I'd love to know your answers! I think it would be revealing in a fun way, even coming from my nearest and dearest, you never know what you'll learn!

So please copy and paste the above questions in the comment form and fill in your answers.

Here are mine below:

Favorite quote: "So when at times the mob is swayed,

To carry blame or praise too far, We make take something like a star, To stay our minds on, and be staid." Robert Frost

Furthest you've ever traveled: The Baltic Region of Poland

Guilty pleasure: Bad reality tv shows on Bravo and playing my guitar or ukelele and writing songs that no one ever hears.

One thing on today's to do list: Buy a 36" balloon

Trend you're over: People dressing for others instead of themselves. Wear what makes YOU feel good and happy!


Hope you're having a great day!



(Image, questions, and post idea via Mackenzie of Design Darling.)


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