Monday, March 31

Disney Day: A Very Disney Sunset Stroll

Not long ago the Husband and I decided to pop over to Disney's Coronado Springs for a quick bite and stroll.
The setting there is very romantic so it's one of our favorite spots to go.
As we left the house we saw this awesome sliver of a rainbow in the sky amidst all the sun rays. It was a lovely surprise.
Once there we grabbed some yummy empanadas to go and found a spot outside under the sunny sky.

We then saw the next scene in the sky's beautiful playof spectacular evening displays.

These whispy fluffy clouds were amazing. They spanned more than half the sky.

I really enjoyed all the blooming flora and fauna too. Birds of paradise are one of my favorite flowers.

Not sure what these yellow bloomed trees are but they were so lovely.

Then as the sun started to set we strolled around the the lake.

Every turn brought a gorgeous new vista.

The sun was really outdoing herself splashing the best colors from her palette across the sky...

So pretty.

Of course I had to sneak in a picture of the awesome resort pool we passed.

But it was the sky that really made the evening lovely.

One of the prettiest sunsets I've enjoyed in a while.

It really reminded me that I should take more time to stop and enjoy all the bounty surrounding me.



(All images created and owned by Krista Carson.)

Wednesday, March 26

Wanderlust Wednesday

The Mineral Baths at Terme di Saturnia in Tuscany, Italy

I was fortunate enough to spend some time living Florence during college and while there I always wanted to check out these cool mineral baths in Tuscany.

Being restricted by the time and money constraints of a college kid at the time I never made it. (Although I did get to do lots of awesome others stuff!)

If I ever get back to that wonderful corner of the world it's my mission to go.

I mean, how cool is this?



(Image via Pinterest.)


Tuesday, March 25


I first came across Saltabie on Instagram when I saw the #handsthatmake hashtag she started there. It's all about artisans and their wonderful, though often beat up, hands that create wonderful things. As a jewlery designer, artist, and crafter I found it really inspiring so I followed her feed.
Then when she did a contest for her new hand dyed and stitched minnow ties I knew I had to enter.
I was super excited when I won and I love the product so I wanted to share more with you:

"Saltabie is a one-woman creative endeavor powered by a fascination with Japanese textiles and copious amounts of salt-water taffy.

Saltabie items are hand-dyed and hand-stitched by yours truly (hi, I'm Shelby!) in the Pacific Northwest with materials imported from around the world.

My muses are Amelia Earhart, Anna Karina, and salty, tattooed sailors with dirty mouths and hearts of gold.

Visit me on Instagram and let's be Insta-Friends! Or send me an email at"

My minnow tie arrived in a pretty blue hand dyed cotton bag. When you pull the top thread it opens up. (Even Abigail was excited!)
Tucked inside was a lovely handwritten note, product tag, and a cute pink minnow.
I was trying to come up with creative ways to wear it that would keep it out of my pup's reach (She likes to bite my ponytails and long braids when we play... We're working on it...) so I did a Milkmaid-esque braid all around the crown of my head and tied it into the braid on the side.
I was pretty happy with the results.
I love cute hairstyles that keep my long hair managed and up out of the way and my minnow makes this one more fun.

I have to say that I'm definitely a fan. Cute and supporting an artisan is definitely a win win in my book!

Go check her out!

(All other accessories pictured were made by me for my Argento Alchemy line I'm working on.)



You can also contact Saltabie through her website at

(All images created and owned by Krista Carson except for the Instagram image by Saltabie.)

Monday, March 24

Sunshine Style

Warm weather is coming and since I live in Florida now it'll be here sooner rather than later! (Sorry all my cold weather friends, I feel your pain.)
And since we're lucky enough to have pool access I'm thinking these floaties may just be more of a must than a lust...

Super cute right?

I'm thinking outdoor movie pool party... Now I just have to figure out the complicated part... Movie screen ideas anyone?



(Floaties via Urban Outfitters.)


Saturday, March 22

Yes, Please: Mansur Gavriel Small Tote Lined, Cammello with Argento

I like minimalist designs but not usually in my handbags so I was surprised when I fell so hard for this one from No. 6 Store.

But with its gorgeous peachy tan colr and shiny interior it was instantly love!

Of course it's $535.00 price tag means it will remain on my wish list but a girl can dream right?



(All images and bag information via No. 6 Store)


Friday, March 21

Friday Funny

In honor of the first day of Spring happening yesterday and the dreaded "spring cleaning" that follows...

I just want to know what happened to all the dusting mice, sweeping deer, and dish doing, sewing, and singing birds?



(Found via Reposty.)


Thursday, March 20

Park Avenue in Winter Park

One of my favorite Florida gems to visit is the little town of Winter Park, Florida.
It's a sweet historic town with a lovely little railroad station, charming shops, great restaurants, art galleries, museums, and prestigious Rollins College.
Last time we went we decided to stop by for lunch and a stroll.
My favorite place to eat is an Italian place called Panullos. They have the best calzones around!
We shared bruschetta to start then dug in to the main event.
Their calzones are huge! We had so much that we split it and still took some home. They'll put anything you want in it but my favorite combo is spinach and pepperoni. The fresh basil and and grated parmesan on top really take it up a notch.
After eating we strolled up and down the avenue tucking into shops here and there and just relaxing.
I was lucky enough to live in Winter Park for a short time and this fountain was my favorite place to sit and read in the afternoon sun.
I always love this historic house La Casablanca's Feliz. (More on it later in another post though.)
The trees ate very reminiscent of old Florida. Mostly tall and stately oaks dripping in Spanish moss.
The Ave also has a lot of fabulous Art Deco details! which I love.
And the streets are quaintly done in cobblestone.
The sun hiding behind some clouds.
How fun is this old bicycle outside this antique jewelry store.
The Ave has a lot of special little nooks full of surprises like this garden and koi pond with it's surrounding shops.
Some of the koi are pretty big too. Well fed, I'd say.
And I love this tree growing in the middle of it all.
The far back wall consists of this cool slate fountain and a really neat painted Winter Park mural.
Here are a few pics of it:
Aaaaand, there's a Lilly Pulitzer store!
This zebra dress with the fringey bottom really wants to come home with me, I just know it.
I loved its kitschy palm tree chandeliers.

And this framed fabric print made me smile.

Winter Park is one hidden gem of a place in an otherwise very touristy are that I highly recommend these king out for a lovely break from all Orlando's theme parks.



(All images created and owned by Krista Carson.)