Monday, June 25

Mineral Mondays!

This rare stone takes its beautiful green hues from its Nickel content, it's naturally vibrant green is one of my favorites. It is only found in very few localities with the largest one in Western Australia. This location has long since been worked out, and the only Gaspeite available on the market now comes from small supplies collected many years ago.
Another stone similar in colour to Gaspeite is Mojave (Mohave) Turquoise, which is often marketed as being Gaspeite.

System:HexagonalColour:Light green
Hardness:4½ - 5
Member of:Calcite Group
Name:After the type locality: Gaspé Peninsula, Lemieux Township, Gaspé-Ouest Co., Québec, Canada
Type Occurrence of Gaspéite:

Type Locality: New Jersey Zinc Exploration Co. roadcut, Mont-Albert, La Haute-Gaspésie RCM, Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Québec, Canada

General Appearance of Type Material: Light green rhombohedral crystals, Spinel, Serpentine Group, Magnesite, Dolomite Annabergite

Associated Minerals at type locality:

Physical Properties of Gaspéite

Lustre: Vitreous, Dull

Colour: Light green

Streak: Green, yellow

Hardness (Mohs): 4½ - 5

Cleavage: Distinct/Good, Good {1011}

Fracture: Irregular/Uneven

Density (measured): 3.71(1) g/cm3

Density (calculated): 3.748 g/cm3

Crystallography of Gaspéite

Crystal System: Hexagonal

Cell Parameters: a = 4.621Å, c = 14.93Å

Ratio: a:c = 1 : 3.231

Unit Cell Volume: V 276.10 ų (Calculated from Unit Cell)



(Images and info via Cactus and Coyote, Entia Jewelry, Wikipedia, CMU, Mineral Atlas, Mindat)


Madewell Fall 2012

I love Madewell's Fall 2012 collection!

Even though it's summer there's something exciting about looking ahead to fall fashions. It reminds me of the excitement and nerves of picking out your outfit for the first day of school when you were young.

My favorites are the leather shift dress in the first row, the "white" outfit in the third row (this one would be a great Seattle summer outfit even since its still 50's and 60's most days here), the striped skirt with the striped scarf in the fourth row. Plus, I love me a big floppy hat!

What's your favorite?



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Sunday, June 24

National Candy Month

I just found out that June is National Candy Month and since it's never too late to jump on the sweet tooth bandwagon I thought I'd share!
Hurray for National Candy Month! It's the perfect excuse to get your sweet on!



(Image of candy and candy via A sweet)


Quotable Notes



(Print by Emily McDowell via Pink Olive)


Saturday, June 23

If I Knew You Were Coming...

I'd have baked a cake!

A three layer chocolate with chocolate buttercream ganache cake, to be precise.

After being gone traveling for so long I promised my Husband a cake to make up for it.

Thus I took my first stab at making a triple layer cake with chocolate ganache buttercream icing. It looks a little lumpy but it still tastes great!




I love these vintage mint milkglass milkshake tumblers I saw on Society Social! Wouldn't you love to sip your summer milkshakes from these?



(Tumblers and image vis Society Social)


Thursday, June 21

A Taste Of My Childhood

Much to my utter delight, while browsing through one of my favorite blogs, A Cup of Jo, I came across her post on Citra Sippers!

Citra Sippers are a throwback to childhood for me. I remember my parents picking up a few to go with our oranges at a farmer's stand back home in Florida. Mmm... Delicious memories...

You simply push the sipper into your citrus of choice and you're ready to go! I've been on the hunt for one (not sure what happened to the "wonder years" set?) for the longest time and will definitely be investing in some.

According to Joanna the company was launched at the 1933 World's Fair by the current owner's grandfather. Neat, huh? It even makes you feel good about buying one (come on, you know you're curious...)



(Pictures and info via A Cup of Jo, memories courtesy of me ;) )

Wednesday, June 20

Travel Reminiscence

Now that I'm finally getting settled back into the groove of things here at home I thought I'd share some of the photos from my crazy month long trip.

I was in a good friends wedding in Charleston, SC (remember, she's the one i told you was getting married at the Lowndes Grove Plantation) so I thought I'd start off with some charming details of the city itself.

There was beautiful iron-work all over the city.

I loved all the details built into everything.

The city was full of vibrant colors but I especially loved these teal shutters. See the little swiveling s hooks that hold them open? So cute!

There were so many cute alleyways brimming with green.

Charleston is known as the Holy City due to all of its, and may I say all of its fabulously beautiful as well, churches.

Did you know all of the "front" porches in Charleston are actually on the side of the houses there? They taxed homes based on what was facing the street so in order to pay less the citizens starting building them on the side with little courtyards and frequently a faux front (or street facing) door as well.

I loved the mint green and brass plate of this letter box by the Dockside Street Theatre.

Another beautiful church.

A super cool quote on the wall of clocks in the ghost and spirit store (ghost stories, walks, and hauntings are very popular in Charleston).

"Do not squander time for that is the stuff life is made of." Benjamin Franklin 1746

A very neat tea and spice shop. You can the brim of my jaunty fedora in the reflection of the window in this one.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these snapshots. More to follow, of the city, the wedding, and the rest of my trip.



(Images property of Krista Carson)

Get Nailed

Neon Yellow Designs:

While I haven't found the right shade of neon yellow to rock yet this summer, I did find a great neon yellow nail art polish to fill the void in the meantime.

I actually scooped it up as a great deal (my Mom hates when I use the word cheap, "Use deal," she says... "It sounds so much nicer.") at the Five Below in the Chicago Burbs. Everything there is "five and below." My MIL actually introduced it as a nicer dollar store. I agree, and can we talk about the polish selection?!?

Anyway... I liked it so well I even thought about picking up a few and trying to use the teeny tiny nail art brush to cover my nails completely but sensibility prevailed... And I ended up with this:

I tried to do a tribal/ organically free hand nail art design on each nail while keeping the polish beneath a neutral pink. (Excuse my travel ragged cuticles please.)
It's surprisingly more subtle in person than I thought it'd be but it's still super fun and summery! Thoughts? Do you do your own nail art? (Not so big secret: I've been obsessed with doing my own since middle school.)



(Images property of Krista Carson)


Tuesday, June 19

Inspire Me Tuesday

The Paciffic Northwest is such an inspiring place to be. It never ceases to amaze me. There are so many naturally beautiful sights and sounds to experience. This weekend I had the pleasure of sharing one such moment with my husband.

We were out on a beach overlooking downtown Seattle as a summer storm approached. The air got a little bit thicker, darker, and the swiftening sky carried an intense marine smell on its winds. Suddenly, there were waves, significant ones for the Puget Sound, and into the quiet of the encroaching storm it was as if the waves began to sing.

They sang a song I had never heard before. A song that played against the rocky shore. A song of rushing and shushing. Of hurrying and reaching into the masses of pebbles and slipping away. Of mad dashes and whooshes....

It was a beautiful sound that spoke of land and sea and the power of nature. Those of you who grew up on rocky shoals have probably heard this siren song before. But growing up on gentle sandy beaches I had never heard even the largest of hurricane waves be able to sing this unique and beautiful language. It's power crashes onto soft cushioning sand.

For those who've never heard it, I wish l could share it with you. With all of you really. I'll work on uploading a video (always more to learn).

But in he meantime I hope you find a momment that moves you. I hope it as powerful, calming, lovely, and inspiring as mine is for me. I hope it helps you to translate a moment of peace and beauty that exists even amidst life's storms. It's there, somewhere, if you take a moment to breathe, look, and listen.



(Images property of Krista Carson)


Mineral Mondays!

(Sorry for the late post today. I've been a bit under the weather. :( )

Without further ado I give you....


Fluorite is one of my favorites! The color tonations and the way it catches the light make it beautiful to behold and work with. I design and fabricate jewelry and Fluorite is a stone I find myself coming back to again and again.
System:IsometricColour:Purple, lilac, ...
Lustre:Vitreous, DullHardness:4
Member of:Fluorite Group
Name:From the Latin, fluere = "to flow" (for its use as a flux in the melting of metal ores). The term fluorescence is derived from fluorite, which will often markedly exhibit this effect. The element fluorine also derives its name from fluorite, a major source for the element.

Fluorite Group: Fluorite is found as a common gangue mineral in hydrothermal veins, especially those containing lead and zinc minerals. It is also found in some greisens, granites, pegmatites and high-temperature veins, and as a component of some marbles and other metamorphic rocks.



(Images and info via Mindat, Cochise, and windows2universe)


Sunday, June 17

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

"It is a wise father that knows his own child."

~ William Shakespeare


"It is a wise child that knows his own father."

~ Homer

Happy Father's Day to my sweet Dad, who always knows me so well and supports all I do and all that I am. He has been a spectacular role model from whom I have learned much simply by knowing him. In him I see the kind of person I want to, and can, continue to grow to be.

As I get older and go through milestones in my life it has been a privelege to better know the man I look up to as Dad.

Dad, you always have so much invaluable information, assistance, and advice to share. I love hearing the stories of how you got to be the man you are today. You are truly an inspiration to all six of us children! I am proud to call you Father (and Daddy too, even at the ripe old age of 28). I love you and miss you oodles!

Happy Father's Day!




We both know who you are in this pic. The cutest of the grandchildren of course! ;)

(Adapted image property of Krista Carson, original courtesy of Ida Kocivic)

Saturday, June 16

Quotable Notes

Be they bright and cheery, dark and grounded, or someplace in between...



(Quote/ Image via Pinterest)


Friday, June 15

Happy Flip Flop Day!

Happy Flip Flop Day to all my beachy peeps out there! This is a holiday i can truly get behind! I grew up in Florida and therefore truly believe in my heart that flips flops are a valid shoe choice for any occasion. (At least any occasion where the temperature is above 55- 60 F.)

Yes, I will wear them with a dress to church, sparkly ones to weddings, and with everything else I wear too. I am that girl. And I'm alright with that, in fact I love it!

So let's put our best flip flopped foot forward today and enjoy one of the many bounties summer brings, easy open toed shoes!



(Image via Couponers United, 'twas a very cute googled, albeit old, graphic!)


Sweet Summer Techsesscories

First things first...

I'm HOME! Like Seattle home, that is. My summer voyage now complete I have returned to the Paciffic Northwest. And while I hope to manage a few fun rendezvous throughout the rest of the season (I'm gunning for a low-key mountain river tubing trip) I brought back a new techsesscory to remind me of the warm sunny days I spent on my whirlwind trip for the times when the Seattle skies are grey.

Nothing says summer like an ice cream cone or two, even if they're on your iPhone! I picked up this perky little, slightly humorous, beauty in the burbs of Chi-town at a Five Below, "It's like a nicer dollar store where everything is five dollars or below." my MIL said. Since its not a forever case I figured some fun graphics could make for a snappy change.

What's your "good ole days o' summer" pick me up?



(Image property of Krista Carson)

Tuesday, June 12

Inspire Me Tuesday

How cool is this?!?

This installation entitled Bâtement (Building) by Leandro Erlich turned Le 104 art complex in Paris into a playground of sorts with its interaction friendly display. Ability to scale tall buildings? Check please! At least you can appear to do so with this nifty work of art.

I hope this fun and friendly piece inspires you to get out and see something in person. Most big cities have a free day during the summer and even of the smallest of towns has something to offer. Check google or your local paper. If, par chance, you are the only creative person around in your neck o' woods... Even better! Put on your own show!

Let me know what you do!



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Monday, June 11

Mineral Mondays!

Emerald: A variety of Beryl

A green gem variety of Beryl, highly sought after as a precious gem stone. The majority of the world's gem quality Emeralds come from the Muzo area of Colombia.
The colour in Emerald is caused by trace amounts of a chromophore such as Chromium or Vanadium.
Mineral Information on:

Chemical Group: silicate

Chemical Formula:

Color: emerald green, pale green, light blue, yellow, white, pink Streak: white

Luster: vitreous or resinous Transparency: transparent to subtranslucent

Hardness: 7.5 to 8 Specific Gravity: 2.63 to 2.80

Fracture: conchoidal to uneven

Cleavage: imperfect and indistinct

Crystal Forms: Hexagonal system
Crystals are usually 6-sided prisms capped with flat surfaces.

Mineral Associations: found in pegmatites

Identifying Characteristics: crystal shape and a pale-green color

Uses: as a gemstone; also as a source of the element beryllium

Occurrences: Colombia, Afghanistan, Brazil, Russia, Madagascar, SW Africa;
in the U.S. in Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, north Carolina, California

Toxicity: when-swallowed- when inhaled-

Additional Information:
If gemstone quality: green is emerald, bluish green is aquamarine,
pink is morganite, yellow is golden beryl or heliodor.



(Images and info via minfind, Pinterest and Cochise)


Saturday, June 9

Shopbop Just Get's It Right

Shopbop does it again with a stellar basic essentials list. There isn't one thing pictured above that I wouldn't love to have in my closet! It makes for great shop your closet inspiration too... I'll have to use this as a guide when I get back home. Love! What are your basic summer essentials?



(Image via Pinterest)


Friday, June 8

Zebra Love

I have a thing for Zebras... By thing... I mean obsession.

This Kate Spade belt not only helps fulfill this obsession but happens to match a red trimmed Zebra purse I might own... (Husband: hint, hint)



(Image via Zappos)


Thursday, June 7

Chicago, Chicago

My kind of town!
I'm back Chi-town and I'm so excited to take in as much of your fabulous fun as I can before heading back to the Paciffic Northwest!

Your skyline? C'est magnifique!
Your food? È delizioso!
Friends and Family? Maravilloso!

Here's a quick taste:
The Willis Sear's tower as seen from my favorite little piece of paradise downtown... It's a tiny tree lined park full of flowers with a little wading stream (for your tired tootsies) nestled right between Frank Gehry's (awesome) amphitheater in Millennium Park and the Chicago Museum of Art.

The Hancock Tower with Water Tower Place's turrets in front.

And lastly the city viewed from the top (56th to be exact) floor of my old building right before sunset with the Hancock Building's iconic sillouette towering above the rest.



Wednesday, June 6

Officially A Landmark!

Chicago's own Wrigley Building finally achieved officially historic Landmark Status today!

The ground was broken back in 1920 by the chewing gum magnate William Wrigley Jr. in order to house his corporate headquarters.

The Wrigley Building as seen from the bridge spanning the Chicago River (See the Hancock Tower hiding in the background on the right behind the blue flag?)

The gorgeous building was designed by the architectural firm of Graham, Anderson, Probst & White with the shape of Seville's Cathedral's Giralda Tower as inspiration. At the time it was the only major office building north of the Chicago River.

The much newer Trump Building towers over Wrigley but never outshines it

Congratulations Wrigley Building, you were always the most iconic Landmark in Chi-town to me!



(All images by Krista Carson and info via Wikipedia)