Thursday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

Someone wanted to be Minnie Mouse this year and to wish you Happy Halloween!


(Photos by Krista Carson.)



Wednesday, October 30

Wanderlust Wednesday: Fingal's Cave, Scotland

I've always wanted to visit Scotland. My parents went there when I was young and found the family tartan for my Dad's Irish/ Scottish last name and brought me back the coolest books on Celtic art and how to make it. It just seems like a country set apart.

Then when you add in such awesome geologic features like you find in Fingal's Cave well... I'm sold! I love to explore places with naturally unique geologic features (It makes my nerdy heart sing!) so Fingal's Cave is definitely on my list!

Now if only I could go there... Le sigh...



(Photo via A1 Pictures.)


Tuesday, October 29

Inspire Me Tuesday

What nice words can you share today?
I hope someone gives all of you fabulous people some nice words to ruminate on today too!
(Photo by found via a Cup of Jo's Pinterest feed.)



Monday, October 28

Yes, Please! The Get Cozy Edition

Just because I live in Florida now doesn't mean I don't have the itch to wrap myself up in cozy soft knits. Especially ones as cool as theses by Denizgunes on Etsy.

These fingerless gloves are so different in a really great way. With the open weave they'll be great for in between weather which means I could actually wear them here in the sunshine state once it gets chilly which is a plus for me! (Believe it or not it actually gets in the thirties here.)

I also like this super long beanie. I know they've sort of become a cliche in recent years but I still like them.

I love the idea of this super big chunky scarf! In fact I tried to knit one of my own not too long ago and didn't count my stitches (it was my first knit project ever and I didn't realize you were supposed to...) so it ended up a trapezoidal fail... Wah, wah, wah.... At least it's a soft and cozy trapezoidal fail but still, maybe I better stick to cool ones like this knit by someone other than me.

And on a cute note, how adorable are these snow white slippers? They look so sweet and comfy.

If I had to pick one thing it would definitely be the fingerless gloves though.

What would you pick?



(All photos by and items available from Denizgunes Etsy site.)



Sunday, October 27

Happy Sunday

This little cutie wants to wish you a happy Sunday!

Hope you're weekend was as sweet as waggling tails and fluffy nuzzles!



(Photo by Krista Carson.)


Saturday, October 26

MJ Trimming Project DIY: October

I finally got my October MJ Trimming DIY box tonight and was super stoked to dig into it!

The theme this time, as you can see, is Punk revival. I love me some punk rock and spikes just as much as I love preppy and pearls so I really love this theme.

It came with everything I needed to get my punk on. Easy to follow step by step instructions make it easy to create the cool punk pieces pictured.


But in true punk form I decided to toss the directions this time before I dove in.



So I jumbled all the pieces up and started from scratch.



My little Westie pup Abigail wanted in on the action too. :)


So of course I made her a little punk princess with a sparkly gold spike collar. (Don't worry, she only wore it for a picture. I didn't leave my precious pup covered in sharp spikes even though she looked pretty adorable!)


Then I made a ling silver and gold toned necklace that I like styled doubled up.



I used this cool round gold clasp as the focal point.



Then I took the pearl chain, a spike, safety pin, end connectors (the little ends you normally use with leather in order to attach it to something), and jump rings to make a second necklace.




I added the end connectors to jump rings with a couple little pearl links to jazz up the spike hanging off the safety pin.



I loved the tiny spikes and when I saw them I knew immediately that I wanted to make earrings out of them. Some silver linked chain, pearl links, and a jump ring later I was pretty happy.



I used the black chain as a juxtaposition against the gold link chain to make a bracelet. Black and gold is very on trend at the moment and I can see why. They contrast and enhance each other nicely.



So... That's the whole shebang. I feel like I really got a lot out of this month's box and I'm pretty happy with the results.


What do you think, would you have gone rogue and created your own punk inspired thing or would you have stuck with the directions?

Either way, if you haven't signed up the Project DIY box yet do it now! It makes it so easy and fun to DIY cool pieces in the comfort of your living room. Love that and love it and the inspiration it gives me!





(All photos and jewelry designs by Krista Carson. Project DIY box and materials all from MJ Trimming.)


Friday, October 25

What I Wore: Outfit Details

Outfit Details:
The bejeweled shoulder of a fun lightweight sweatshirt that I picked up at Marshall's. It adds a fun bit of colorful sparkle to a casual day. :)
(Photo by Krista Carson.)


What I Ate: Maple Pumpkin Butter

Back when my sister went to Massachusetts for a wedding she brought me back a jar of Mother's Maple Pumpkin Butter that I've been saving...
I've been sick with a cold this week and still working hard unpacking after our move so when I came across this super creamy Kerrygold butter at the grocery store I knew what I would do.
I toasted some Melba thin rye bread, buttered it up, and spread on a layer of jarred Mmm...
So worth the wait!
Thanks for the pick me up and taste of the season sweet sister!
Have you ever tried pumpkin butter? It's like a Fallidays party in your mouth!
(Photo by Krista Carson.)


Thursday, October 24

Goodnight Sweet Sun

I've been so happy to be back here in the Florida sunshine... I really missed the sun in Seattle (even though I loved Seattle).
This was the view of the sunset where we live while walking our puppy tonight. Magical, right?


Just wanted to share a little sunny magic with you.
On a different note, we're having internet issues over here again. (The only internet available out here kinda stinks... Sigh...) So my posting may be a bit spotty and done from my cell till I figure it out. :/ But at least I bring you sunshine!
(Photo by Krista Carson.)

Wednesday, October 23

Wanderlust Wednesday: Lake Baikal

"Lake Baikal

Situated in south-east Siberia, the 3.15-million-ha Lake Baikal is the oldest (25 million years) and deepest (1,700 m) lake in the world. It contains 20% of the world's total unfrozen freshwater reserve. Known as the 'Galapagos of Russia', its age and isolation have produced one of the world's richest and most unusual freshwater faunas, which is of exceptional value to evolutionary science." Via Unesco

It's always seemed like such a stunning environment and magical place! Any time there's a documentary on about it I always watch it!* If I ever got the chance to go there I definitely would. I think I'd prefer winter over summer though in spite of the scary cold. Brrr... It just seems like some sort of fantasy wonderland all frozen over... Tis' almost the season you know!**



(Photo via, Info via Unesco.)

*Ok, so I watch most nature documentaries when I see them come on much to my Husband's chagrin. But I just really love nature!

**Yes, I know it's still October but the Christmas decorations are already out at all the stores and they keep giving me the side eye pressuring me! Sheesh...


Monday, October 21

Hey Monday!

Abigail my Westie pup says "Heeeey!" to brighten your Monday bringing new meaning to the term puppy love! She's pretty rambunctious but she's also the sweetest!
Puppy Kisses,
People Kisses,
(Photo by Krista Carson.)


Sunday, October 20

Happy Sunday!

Wishing you a happy Sunday with this perky pink bromeliad.
(Photo by Krista Carson.)


Saturday, October 19

What I Wore; Outfit Details

A sailor blue striped* t-shirt and a vintage sterling heart locket with an amethyst from my sweet Husband. It was the first Christmas gift he ever gave me back when we first started dating. :)
(Photo by Krista Carson.)
*I may have a long standing love affair with stripes... Shhh! Don't tell!


Wednesday, October 16

Wanderlust Wednesday: Falling Waters

I was born in Pennsylvania and remember studying Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water in elementary school but being too young to go.. :/ You had to be at least nine years old.*
But ever since then I've always wanted to go some day.
(How gorgeous is this shot of it in the full thralls of Autumn by Robert Ruschak?)

"Home Facts:

  • Description: A mountain retreat for the Edgar J. Kaufmann family of Pittsburgh, owners of Kaufmann's Department Store:
  • Residents: Edgar Kaufmann Sr. (1885-1955), Liliane S. Kaufmann (1889-1952), and their son, Edgar Kaufmann jr. (1910-1989). The home was owned and used by the Kaufmann family until 1963, when it was entrusted by Edgar Kaufmann, jr., to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy.
  • Design and construction:Designed in 1935 by American architect Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) The main house constructed 1936-38, followed by the guest house construction in 1939
  • Final cost: $155,000 (Included $8,000 architect’s fees, and $4,500 for installed walnut furnishings)
  • Square footage: The main house uses 5,330 square feet. (2885 sq. ft. interior; 2445 sq. ft. terraces) while the guest house uses 1,700 square. feet.
  • Paint Colors: Wright's desire to create a unified and organic composition limited the color palette at Fallingwater. Only two colors were used throughout: a light ochre for the concrete and his signature Cherokee red for the steel. PPG Pittsburgh Paints has worked with Fallingwater to develop eco-friendly paints that withstand the environmental challenges of the site. They have also created a series of colors inspired by the building and its surroundings. For more information click here.
  • Visitation: 4.5 million people since opening our doors in 1964, with 160,950 in 2011.
  • Preservation: The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy has preserved Fallingwater since 1963, with a major structural repair in 2002 strengthening Fallingwater’s cantilevers to prevent collapse and future deflection.
  • Surroundings: Surrounded by the WPC’s 5,000 acre Bear Run Nature Reserve.

Notable Facts:

  • Fallingwater was featured on the cover of Time Magazine, January 1938
  • Fallingwater is the only major Wright-designed house to open to the public with its furnishings, artwork, and setting intact
  • Frank Lloyd Wright once suggested that the house’s concrete surfaces be coated in gold leaf."

Frank Lloyd Wright is both mine and many others favorite architect for a reason... His work is simply amazing and speaks to the eyes and the soul.

If I ever get a chance to get up near there again I'm definitely going! Would you?



(Photo via and © Robert Ruschak – Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, Facts verbatim via

*I know, I know, I've always had a nerdy and artistic bent to me but I love that.

Tuesday, October 15

I've Been Everywhere...

Not really, but it's a really catchy song...

Any rate, I thought I would continue to share the places I've been to that I've really enjoyed in the past or thought were neat and worth sharing but under this title from now on.* Now on with the post!

So, some people hate Andrew Carnegie. And some people are fans...But, one thing you can't help being a fan of, though, was his building/ funding of public libraries around the country.

Pretty awesome methinks! I love books and reading so Carnegie wins major points with me where this topic is concerned...

The Queen Anne branch in Seattle is a lovely small branch he funded. It manages to be super cozy but has lots of special details. Plus it's easy to catch a bus to it if your in the city or to walk just a few blocks from it to some of the most beautiful vistas of the city and the surrounding mountains in Seattle.


From the stained glass to the woodworked details, everything is just lovely.


Plus, you can't fault a beautiful place that supports and brings the community together... And I love all the pretty trees surrounding it! If your in Seattle and looking for a cozy place to dry off, use some wifi, and enjoy a good book this is your place! Not to mention that Upper Queen Anne has awesome food, "How to Cook A Wolf**," anyone?



(All photos by Krista Carson.)

*Throwback Thursday reminds me of old school pics... I'm not against it, in fact I rather enjoy it but it just doesn't seem to fit for this sort of post.

**Yes, that's really the name of a restaurant. It's a super popular place for a reason. :)