Monday, February 11

A Week of Love

This week in honor of Valentines' Day this coming thursday I thought I'd try to share the love!
Love comes in lots of forms. Of course there's the romantic love that we all think of first, almost automatically, but there's also familial love, love of friends, and loving yourself amongst many others. And who doesn't love a good sweet?*
The things they all have in common?

So no matter what kind of love you have in your life (I grew up hearing this verse and it was one of the ones we used at our wedding too.), I hope you let yourself be as in love with love as I am!



*Has chocolate ever been selfish? I think not. ;)

(Wise words via 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 via in the Bible, Artwork printable free for personal use via Project Inspire, check it out!)



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