Wednesday, October 24

Quotable Notes



Monday, October 22


Sorry for the long silence... I've been dealing with some family health crisis es/ crisi (sp?) In the meanwhile, as things continue to be dealt with, I'm back in time for some Fall fun!

Autumn is one of my fave times of the year. I love the changing of seasons! So I thought I'd share some Fall inspiration to get you in the mood.

This is last year's pumpkin.

I like to carve Autumnal themes rather than the traditional Jack O' Lantern.

Falling leaves and starry night skies are my forté.

I try to improve it a little each year but I like that I can keep out as long as it lasts not just until Halloween.

Do you carve pumpkins for Fall? If yes, what do you like to carve (email me pics to post if you like)?



(All images created and owned by Krista Carson)