Tuesday, January 17

Packing Process

Everyone has their own packing process when it comes to traveling. Some people fly by the seat of their pants (literally, cause they only packed one pair) while others have a meticulous process they go through and are ready weeks in advance. What do you do?

Baby Let's Cruise

"Let's cruise, let's flow, let's glide..." (cue cheesy 60's classic music here) on a vacation away from it all... leaving all our worries behind...

Mr. T and I are going on a cruise to México this weekend for our one year anniversary/ honeymoon!
We decided to stay at our wedding destination after it was all over so we could visit with all our family and friends who came to the wedding that we never get to see (seeing them requires cross-continental travel) so it wasn't really a quiet honeymoon but more of a celebration continuation. (Although we did sneak away each night for a just the two of us dinner at some fabulous places!)

(Picture of Wedded Bliss: 1/23/11 (I'm laughing about something here. That man can always make me smile!)
Needless to say we're super excited to get to take this trip! The crazy pre-travel laundry packing has commenced. I'm still trying to figure out what exactly to bring and what balance of warm and cold clothes will work best this time of year when you're cruising to México.
So I will put off pesky rental hunts till we get back. I can't wait to be off to warmer snowless places... Aaaah sun... How I've missed your smiling rays...
Jeans for colder days.
Cute nautical stripes everywhere, anywhere, and any color.

Wide brimmed hats to keep the sun off my pale skin, colorful bikinis to make up for the pale skin, and a great sunscreen to keep it safe!
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Settling in the City

So Mr. T and I have been on the hunt for a new home and it feels a bit like Goldilocks and the Three Bears... Nothing seems "juuust right" so far...

Plus the market out here is crazy! Everyone wants you to move in within the next week or two, not the typical two months or so I've come across in the rest of the country. Then they can never tell you what they'll have avaible next month, just what's there now. So you better hope that whatever is available to rent the week before your moving out is good! Cause that's what you'll end up with.

It makes me feel like I'm gambling though... Leaving my loft for what I hope will be a bigger place in a quieter nice neighborhood. We're looking everywhere and Mr. T feels confident that when our March move comes our dice roll will "win big" for us. (We already had to give notice earlier than we wanted so there's no turning back now... and even though I'm going to really miss our loft since we have soo many memories here, we really do need the space...) Che sera sera! But I'm still crossing my fingers and toes!

A big blue beautiful craftsman would be my dream home out here! I love them! But fantasy homes aside, I'd love a little house with two bedrooms with doors that close, a living room that lets me watch tv without feeling like I'm in an IMAX theater (Mr. T likes his tv's BIG but our living room is small), and a kitchen functional enough to actually store the few pots we have and to let us both stand in it simultaneously. That's it really... Except that it also has to be in a great walkable neighborhood (one car family here), have storage for all our crap stuff, be in a friendly and safe spot, be big enough to be able to invite friends over finally, and lastly be affordable... I'll keep you posted on how close to the "grail" of rental properties we get.



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Sunday, January 15

Rainy Day Diggs

Hi! This week has been kind of crazy... My Husband and I, let's call him Mr. T cause that makes me smile and keeps his name anonymous, have both finally agreed that it's time to leave our little loft and get us some doors! Actual doors on actual hinges! While home will always be wherever he and his job take us, we still have some must haves on our list besides doors that makes our search a little harder here in Seattle. More on that next time though! Wishing you rainbows in your rain and sunshine with your smiles!



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Thursday, January 12

The Very Beginning...

A very good place to start... I opened up this blogger account almost a year ago with the full intention of starting a blog. My life, or should I say health, had other plans... (Sometimes I think John Lennon should have said health is what happens when you're making other plans. Cheese pizza? Don't mind if I do, thanks! Clogged Arteries? Not so much...) You see my body decided to have some "fun" and "entertaining" breakdowns this past year that just kept getting worse.

Well they say new year new you, right?
I'm still running in the big gerbil wheel that we call "Modern Medicine" and the smaller wheels we call "Eastern Medicine" but instead of running a little bit only to be flung upside down and flat on my face }: | I'm finally starting to keep up pace, even if it's a slow one... Oh, and I'm trying to figure out how to run a business from home too!So what's the point of all this you (or my Mom since she's probably the only one reading, hi Moma!) ask? To let you know where my starting line is and that hopefully we can "abc" and "Do Re Mi" along through the rest of it together. I'm ready! Ready for more! Ready for challenges! And READY to chat about all the things I love and love to share!
So grab a cup of your favorite beverage and let's be friends!
(That way we can start dishing about all the good stuff!)
Besides, I'm already sure you're interesting and fabulous!
(As well as being fabulous enough to
"Say one sweet thing to five people today!"
I know I'll try to!)
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P.S., my posts won't always be this long but sometimes a girl's just gotta give a friendly intro and explanation! Hope to see you soon!