Monday, February 25

Hawaii Day Two: The Fish & The Hog

By the time we got up into Waimea the music store was closed and we were haungry! We wanted to find someplace good to eat so we popped in the Starbucks (They truly are everywhere! Waimea is a small country town.) to ask the locals for tips. The consensus was that we should go to the Fish and the Hog for some real Hawaiin barbecue. We had passed by it not long before, it looked like a hole in the wall but sometimes aren't those the best places? So off we went.
In true island fashion it took forever to get our food so by the time it came we just dug in. Which means no pictures, sorry (that's been happening a lot lately actually...). We had a gumbo made with the Fish & Hog's own housemate chorizo to start. It was spicy but so so good!
Next came our barbecue plate, we shared everything. It was brimming full of meat (vegetarians this not for you... Sorry...) and actually consisted of two plates full. There was mouthwatering fall apart brisket, delicious ribs (I even ate them and bones really freak me out), awesome pulled pork, housemade andouille sausage, and of course house spiced fries. We couldn't decide what barbecue sauce to try with them, havering never have either... So the waitress brought us both.
After trying both sauces we still couldn't decide which we preferred. The poniolo sauce was less sweet and a little more traditional. The crackseed (Yes, crackseed. Apparently it's some sort of Asian fruit... Who knew?) was sweeter and smoker and super tasty too!
It was all super delicious!

(Husband patiently waiting for our food. It was c c c cold in up there in Waimea and inside was no exception. We ended up cuddled next to each other on a bench seat instead.)

(Paying for dinner with the day's specials behind.)
(Crackseed! Anyone who knows me well knows why this was specifically super funny to me... Crack chicken anyone?)

(Even though it wasn't that late it was ├╝ber dark in the little mountain town, between the time of year, volcanic fog, and sparse population there was a dearth of light pretty early on. Kind of eerie.)

After stuffing ourselves silly we started the long drive home to the resort. Our adventure left us sleepy but being foodies, before foodies were the cool thing to be, it was well worth it. If you ever find yourself up that way and get a hankering for some local grub you should definitely check it out. Best barbecue I've had in a long time!

Absurd more amounts of Hawaii yet to come. (Sorry non family peoples but with our cams so spread out and very far away this is the best way for us to share. Also, I take way too many photos.)



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