Friday, February 13

Love is in the Air...

Just some Valentine's bits and bobs...
Updated my mani with my favorite red lately (Ciatè's Mistress, love the color not the name...) and some fun nail art using the items that came in my Ciatè Mini Mani Manor advent calendar in December. Got a little crazy with the pearls but I like it. 
Ate some pre V-day macaroons. 
Fell in LOVE with this Kate Spade NY clutch that I saw on the @martha_weddings Instagram account. Hopefully this is something they'll produce to sell? (Fingers crossed!)
Abby practiced her lovey dovey faces.
She has me totally charmed!
She even "made" a Valebtine for her "Dad."
I finished a sparkly pink birthday card for my sweet sister in law who loves pink and was born on Valentine's day!
Thinking I need to install one of these...
(Via @theladydockers Instagram feed.)
Would also love to add these sparkly dreams to my life. They're just the shoes Lilly James wore in the new live action Cinderella. No big deal. (Via @swarovski_official Instagram feed.)
I also set up our Valentine gift spread so when the Husband comes home tomorrow after call it's all ready for him!

How do you share the love on Valentine's Day and everyday?


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Tuesday, February 10

A few January Things...

So... My health regularly cause me to fall off the proverbial end of the earth... But...
I always come back!
Let's start catching up a little shall we?
As always since sweet and crazy Abigail came into our lives our days were filled with adorable puppy snuggles! Here she's sporting a sweater from her Grandma (My Moma).
Went to downtown Winter Park a bunch.
Really loved the design books at the Pottery Barn there!
Zebras?!?! Scalandré ones at that?!?! I'm sooo in!
Great quotes inside this book too!
Chanel and Dior? Yes, please!
Also greatly enjoyed this Morrocan Wedding Blanket pillow.
Now onto my latest obsession,
The Grove in Winter Park.
This store is a gem for sure!
But with my little nephew on the way my faves consisted of Mom and me cuteness I think my sister would love! (Not that many boy options out there folks! Needs changed!)
And this sweet as southern tea illustrated poem by Sarah Hanna.
Ooh, my Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale haul came in!
And Oh Shift! it was glorious!
The Husband and I also found one of the first computer games we ever played as kids is once again available online!
Oregon Trail!
(If you want the link email me and I'll find it again.)
Not surprisingly, Abby went nuts for the hunting scenes... Dogs will be dogs...

And minus many mishaps our wagon party made it!

More January Things to come!

Missed you all!



(All images created and owned by Krista Carson, please ask permission prior to use.)