Thursday, January 23

Happy Anniversary Cutie Pie!

Today marks three years of marriage with my soul mate.

Dearest Husband,

You are my other half, my strength when I am weak, my inspiration when I need it, my biggest cheerleader when I'm unsure, and my home.

Here's to all that we've overcome, accomplished, and to rest of our lives together! Happy Anniversary amore, the amo moltissi-issi-issimo!




If you'd like to see more pics our wedding is still one of the featured weddings on the photography site!

(Photo by Ty Boyce of Disney Event Photography at Walt Disney World in Florida.)

Friday, January 17

Postcard From Paradise...

Today is our final day in Hawaii, we fly out late tonight at 11pm from Kona.

So we are carrying I our tradition of mailing each other a postcard from our anniversary trip.

Every year, no matter where we are, we decided we would mail each other a note telling the other one why we love them for our anniversary. Our hope is to have a lovely tradition and mementos to pass down to our family someday.

Our anniversary trip was a bit early this year because we planned it to coincide with our Hawaii trip for my sisters wedding (After of course. When in paradise...) but we decided to mail them out on our last day here anyway.

Here's mine for the Husband. (There's two tiny people in that outrigger.)
Can't wait to see which one he chose for me and read what he wrote!
I'll be sure to share more once we've returned home. (Although I still have our Christmas decorations waiting to be put away, ugh...)
So, A Hui Hou (until we meet again) Hawaii and friends.
Tropical Kisses,
(Photos created and owned by Krista Carson.)

Tuesday, January 7

First Day in Maui So Far!

So after this...
We landed last night to this...
Then today we woke up to this...
The condo we're staying in has an amazing view!
We even had the special treat of a rainbow while enjoying our morning cup of joe.
Then we headed over to the Ritz Carlton to see my sisters wedding site.
I loved this beautiful altar.
And the view there is stunning!
The beach is stunning.
And the ocean is so many gorgeous shades of blue...
Me, my sister the bride, and the husband.
A bit wind blown.
On the walk up off the beach we stopped at the Jean Michell Cousteau Ambassador Conservation Center where they had Loco and Moco the pigs.
Of course I had to stop and say hello!
They were the cutest! Such little sweeties!
Then we headed over to Star Noodle for lunch. It's supposed to be some of the best noodles on the island and is where Sheldon from Top Chef cooked for a while (not sure if he's still there...).
Any rate... It was sooo yummy!
We started with the Ahi Avo, a seasoned raw ahi and avocado dish that was superb.
Next we indulged in some steamy deliciousness.
These steamed pork buns were so good with the hoisin sauce and spicy mustard they came with.
I'm really loving the steamed bun combo these days.
I had the the Fried Saimin noodles minus the egg, cause I'm allergic. It had kamaboko (the pink and white fish pieces), spam, bean sprouts, and scallions. I wasn't so sure about the spam cause it was my first time trying it... It wasn't bad but it was the dish as a whole that was super good.
The husband had the Lahaina Fried Soup which consists of Fat Chow Funn, ground pork, and bean sprouts. It was yummy too but mine was better.
I washed it all down with some Teazu: iced tea, yuzu, and simple syrup. Definitely something to try to replicate later!
Next we headed back to the condo my parents rented where my sister is staying. Tristan was watching for humpback whales and enjoying the waves and kit boarders.
The view is gorgeous!
So right now we're just chilling out and enjoying all of this!
Maui Kisses,
(All photos created and owned by Krista Carson.)

Monday, January 6


Been on the plane at the gate for over an hour but this pic makes me think of what's ahead!
It's from Instagram and I'm trying to find the where I saved the photo credits. I will post them once I find them but will hopefully be flying by them!
Hopeful Aloha Kisses,
(Photo via Instagram.)

(Not Yet) Flying the Friendly Skies...

Stuck at the gate waiting for our ten hour flight to Hawaii to commence...
Tiny, hot, old plane and water issues before leaving...
On the bright side, I can't wait to get there and see my sister get married!!! Eeep!
With internet access being spotty for the next two weeks I'll keep you posted as I can but will share lots more once we get back home!
(All photos created and owned by Krista Carson.)