Wednesday, September 25

Puppy Kisses and Wifi

Well, it looks like I won't be able to get Internet access till sometime next week... Ugh...



On the bright side the new pup is a handful and her cuteness takes up a lot of my time right now. There is lots of training going on over here but I think she might be more successful training me at the moment than I am in training her. TBD... ;)




(Photo by Krista Carson)

Monday, September 23

Puppy Love!

There's a new little love in my life! She's a sweet little West Highland Terrier girl named Abigail (Abby for short) and she has a lot of energy and a lot to learn!

My big sis is also in town for a few days visiting from Houston with her sweet friend Suzette so I see some Disney in our future too. :)

So between the puppy sweetness, moving into my new home this week (finally!), my lack of internets (sad face here), and my big sister visiting (yay!) my blogging will be a bit sporadic for a little bit...

Lo siento, internet friends! I will be trying to blog from my phone a bit to make up for it but the formatting is always off with that so.... :/ bear with me please!

Hope you're week is as joyful as wonderful little stinky puppy breath kisses!



(Photo by Krista Carson. Adorable Westie pup by God.)


Thursday, September 19

Beta Baby!

One of the most fun Disney days ever perhaps...
More to follow.
(Photo by Krista Carson)


Wednesday, September 18

What I Ate

Remember yesterday when I said my sister went apple picking in Massachusetts and brought us back this?


Well my sister in law and I took these:
And we made this:
Apple Turnovers...

Flaky, crispy gooey, fresh apple turnovers...
Hungry yet?


Mmm... Needles to say, there were no leftovers and they were a huge hit with our fam. (Patting myself on the back over here people.) Team sisters for the delicious win!

Do you like to bake? Would you all be interested in baking recipes?
(Sweet) Kisses,
(Photos by Krista Carson)


Tuesday, September 17

I Love You a Bushel and a Peck

My sweet sister went up to Massachusetts for a wedding last weekend where she went apple picking. Her boyfriend and her brought back a 1/2 bushel to share. (It weighed 20lbs!)
How cute is this teeny tiny one.


She snagged a few pears too. I'm thinking some baking is in order... Afterall, tis the season of apple pie. Mmm.
Tomorrow I get to do the beta test for the Magic Bands at Disney!!! So excited!!! Found out that the hotel they have us staying in is the Grand Floridian to boot! Eeep!
(Photos by Krista Carson.)


Monday, September 16

Football Is Back! An Ode to Black and Yellow

And my house is Steeler's Country baby!

(Ok, ok, and a bit o' the Bears for my Chicagoland Husband.)

So when Lucky magazine did an online post called "Trend Alert: Mustard, Gold, and Black" I immediately clicked on over to get some game day fashion inspiration in my team's colors.

My faves below:

The ever fashionable Candace Lake swanning about town in all the right colors looking game day fresh and fashionable for fall.

Why let black tie affairs have all the fun? These amber earrings by Erickson Beaman were made to be worn after all... Why not on game day?

A mustard gold with a touch of black is perfect for getting your cheer on when it gets crisp outside.

Golden copper hued sunnies will keep your stylish eye on the ball.

And black heels, because, why not?


What do you wear on game day?

Although Lucky never intended their post as an ode to the Steelers it certainly works as one...

Plus the NFL is finally starting to pay attention to its female fan base. (Not just shrinking it and pinking it... Ugh...) The latest ad spreads in the fall fashion mags are pretty major for the stylish lady fans. Anna Kournikova also looks gorg.

Then the Glitter Guide did a post on college football fashion recently too and it got the wheels turning and the mind wandering...

I think it's time to up my game. My game day fashion game that is.

Let's go Steelers, let's go!



(All photos via



Sunday, September 15

Get Nailed

My Nail Secret...


Even when short rounded nails are the current trend every woman still wants to have the possibility of longer, stronger, healthier nails. I get a lot of compliments and questions on my nails when I'm out... and since we all want our hands to look well manicured I decided I'd share my secret.


Sally Hansen's Miracle Cure.


It keeps my nails healthy and strong and can be easily found in most pharmacy type stores beauty sections.


I work with my hands daily: cooking, cleaning, jewelry making, knitting, guitar and ukelele playing, paper craft, painting... (You name it and if it involves making I'm trying it.) and it can be super rough on them. Bleach, chemicals, hammering, twisting, and torching metal. These things do not generally make for pretty hands. :/


But I find if I put a little love back into them I get a lotta love back. So I try to moisturize my hands every night before bed, keep my nails trimmed (or grow them out occasionally), gently filed, buffed*, and I do fairly well. But for almost a decade** now my go to has always been Sally Hansen's Miracle Cure.


It just works better than anything else I've ever tried. It keeps nails strong and pretty. I wear it as a base coat, a topcoat, and alone.


It's the best. Try it, it works wonders. (And it dries super super fast too.) Bonne polishing ladies!





(Photos by Krista Carson.)

*I just do this at home with any affordable nail buffer that I pick up in any random beauty section.

**I may be dating myself with this one but it's true.


Saturday, September 14

Silver Saturday

Wishing you a weekend full of shiny and pretty!



(Photo by Krista Carson.)


Friday, September 13

Que C'est Joli!*

Fall is in the air and I'm psyched to start switching over my makeup routine as well as my clothes. One of the trends I'm looking forward to indulging in once it gets colder is oxblood lips and nails. In the meantime, though, I'm going to dip my toe into the fall color palette pool with some new metallic plummy eyeshadows by Estèe Lauder.
It's the Pure Color shadow in Steel Lilacs, though it strikes me as less lilac and more plum, but to each their own...

Plus check out the foil effect on the center shade. So pretty, right?
I can't wait to try it out!
*Que C'est Joli! means How pretty! en Francais.

(Photos by Krista Carson, Eyeshadow purchased through Estèe Lauder.)

Thursday, September 12

A Little Fall Magic...

Thanks to my brother there's a little Disney beta testing magic coming my way in less than a week... Eeep! Beyond excited!
More to come sometime next week!
Mine is the blue one second from the right!
(Photo by Jonas Carson)



Wednesday, September 11

Never Forget

Remembering the victims and families of 9/11 today. 



(Photo by Krista Carson

Home Again, Home Again...

Jiggity Jig! Today the Husband and I sign the lease on our new home for the next couple of years!

Beyond excited!

It's a lovely Mediterranean/ Tuscan hybrid of a house with 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, a great kitchen for cooking, and a pool! It's perfect for us right now and the lady managing the property is lovely to boot. Win. Win.

More to come once we move in but I have butterflies in my belly just waiting to get the keys. Hooray for new homes!



(Photo via Hotpads.)


Tuesday, September 10

The Vinoy

A little bit ago my sweet Husband whisked me away for a three day weekend at the historic Vinoy Hotel in St. Petersburg, FL. It was one of the most relaxing and lovely weekends I've had in a while so needless to say I have oodles to share.

The hotel itself was so very pretty that I couldn't help but take lots of photos.

The Floridian pink exterior.
The exquisitely carved main entrance.
It was a Pink and Palm Tree kind of weekend.
The main lobby is filled with blown glass Venetian style lighting and merges the history of the hotel with current styles quite fluidly, I think.
It has tons of cute little tucked away seating in chic little alcoves.
I really loved the fusion of styles.
Beautifully restored cedar beams lined the ceilings at the ends of the hallway.
The painting on them has all been lovingly restored by hand.
The artwork, knickknacks and furnishing details are lovely too. How great are these wingback chairs?
I adore the velvet chevron fabric lining the outside. Yes, please!
One of the art pieces adorning the bookshelves catches a cool glass detail.
The restored vintage tiling is full of neat details like the little blue figurine, the hotel emblem.
Another nook shot.
Nifty lighting features, huh?
More gorgeous chandeliers.
Morning paper?

More beautiful details.

The beautiful ballroom has seen lots of glamourous parties over the years. The hotel itself opened on New Years Eve and such legendary personae as Fitzgerald and Hemingway were said to have been visitors/ party goers over the years.
It now features a modern artwork by Chihuly; La Isla Della Luna.

A letter regarding the piece hangs in the lobby.

Though it appears as if it is a chandelier, the Island of the Moon is actually an installation because it gives forth no light itself but rather reflects the light of its surroundings. Just like the actual moon does. Pretty cool, no?

The hotel stands across the street from a small deep water harbor and the cutest little sculpture park. (Please excuse my finger in this shot... The Husband was just so cute I had to use it anyway.)

A shot of the harbor leading out to the Gulf. Apparently guest docking at the hotel have all the Vinoy's many amenities available to them. Including room service delivered dockside.


It's a totally gorgeous place isn't it? We did so many fun things while there that I have plenty more coming, hopefully, in reasonable doses.



(Photos by Krista Carson)