Friday, February 15

Mustache DIY

Let's make a super fun, cute, and sparkly mustache!
One that anyone can "wear."

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In order to make this fabulous mustache you will need:


- Card-stock (A heavy weight paper that can be purchased at any office store. Large blank index cards would also work.)

- Pencil

- Scissors

- Black Fine Point Sharpie or similar marker

- Glue Pen (I like the ones by Martha Stewart the best.)

- Black and Brown Glitter

- Paint (Any color of your choice, I used blue.)

- Wooden Dowel (This is a round wooden stick that can be found in many variations in the wood craft section of your local craft supply store. I favor the skinnier ones for this project but choose the size you like best.)

- Glue: E6000 &/ or a Glue-stick (I like UHL and Avery brand glue-sticks best. All glues can be found at your local craft supply store.)


Let me know how your mustache turned out and what other kinds of DIY's you'd like to see in the future (or if you don't like DIY's for that matter).

Hope you enjoyed creating with me but I really mustache now...



(Both project and images all created and owned by Krista Carson, please ask permission prior to use.)


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