Sunday, February 24

Jewel Cool

Two nights ago my creative juices were really flowing and I made, what I think, might be my best piece yet. (Of course, I very well might think every piece is my best yet after they're freshly made... But I digress)


It's girly, fresh, and chock full of pink. Light pink boulder opal, fuschia tourmaline, environmentally friendly carved coral, and cherry pink agate give way to creamy orange agates, pale alexandrite, chunky rock crystal, and a touch of amethyst.

Normally I'm a blue and green girl but with my sister in law to be's upcoming shower and wedding full of pretty pinks and romance I'm feeling the love.

I also can't wait to share the upcoming March bridal shower with you! But for now I'll just leave you with a sneak peek (I don't want to spoil any surprises for the bride).

(The Fleur de Lis-ed and pink stripey-ed back of the invitations, fun right?)



(Images and products all created, designed, and owned by Krista Carson. Pink Striped bags by Whisker Graphics.)



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