Saturday, November 30

Bevies of Beverages...

Remember this photo from Sunday's post?
Well, I was trying to think of a fun way to spruce up my bar area for the Holidays when I came across the great Elizabeth Taylor quote. I am a big fan of the fabulous Liz, a lipstick lover, and like to enjoy a good margarita so it just organically developed from there... "I know! I'll paint a margarita in water colors, write the quote on top, and frame that baby on my bar! Yes!"

So I did!

The bar area is definitely a work in progress though. Note: the tiny Christmas bulbs on display as a holiday season nod. I picked them up when I was at IKEA and since I'm still unpacking... Ugh... I saw no point in putting them away then unpacking them too so out they went!

We're still working on collecting more liquor for this area. You'd think two childless married thirty year olds would have more alcohol on hand... (And yes, fellow nerd fans, you're eyes do not deceive you. That is indeed a Davinci Code codex on the left mingling with the corks.*)

Our house has what can only be referred to as a Butler's Pantry (fancy I know but don't worry otherwise it's a normal looking house and I'm the butler.) and that's where I'm hosting this display shindig. Hopefully the set up will progress to an elegant beverage station sort of look...



*My husband actually won an exact replica of the one used in the movies by solving puzzles in a competition. This is what you got if you made it to the second to last puzzle. Once you got it open it contained the http address for the final puzzle. He came this close to winning us a trip too but the final puzzle was incredibly difficult. (He's in Mensa people so trust when I say it was hard!)

(All photos and artwork created and owned by Krista Carson.)



Friday, November 29

Que C'est Jolie: Nars Sale!

Nars is having a sale! (They make most of my favorite makeup and the best lipstick!) Just wanted to share the coupon love and being that it's Black Friday it just seemed appropriate.
The sale ends on 12/2 at 11:59pm ET and they offer free shipping on U.S. orders. So get to it makeup lovers!

(Image by/ via Nars in my email inbox.)


My Thanksgiving









Hope yours was warm filled with love and thanks!



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Fashion Friday: Yes, Please

Anthropologie always has the most beautiful things. I love browsing through their catalogs and website.

I recently came across this quirky yet gorgeous dress by Geisha Designs on their site.

Its called the Icefall Maxi.

If the color scheme and print hadn't already drawn me into their web of fabulousness the name, Icefall, would have done me in too.... I just love the romance of winter, snow, and ice. The silvers and blues of the Arctic... Le sigh...

I feel like this dress is dressy and edgy and fabulous! It's a subtle statement maker and definitely not what everyone else will be wearing during the Holiday season. Yes, please! Now if only it wasn't so pricey...

Would you wear such an avant garde piece?



(All images, info, and dress via Anthropologie.)



Thursday, November 28

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
I am so grateful for my many family, friends, and loved ones! I have so much to be grateful for and I try to remember that everyday of the year but love getting to remember that with loved ones this time of year in particular.
Hope your Thanksgiving is warmed with a grateful sunshiny heart and love!
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Wednesday, November 27

Happy Hanukkah

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Tuesday, November 26

Family Night

Watching Casablanca and baking pies with the family in preparation of Thanksgiving tonight!
"Round up the usual suspects!"
(Artwork and photography created and owned by Krista Carson.)



Santa Baby... Inspire Me Tuesday

Who wouldn't want one of these rings under the tree...

If you're in the market for some pricey sparkle these babies go up for auction at Christies today...
Hope you're Tuesday "rocks"!
Sparkly Kisses,
(Image and rings via @christiesinc Instagram feed.)



Monday, November 25

What I Bought:

I've been peeking at for a while now but never sprang for the order till I saw these crazy cool leggings on sale. That's when I decided to bite the bullet and spend my friend.

These quirky leggings are actually printed with a map of Rome and come in my size! I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a size 14 right now after a round of medicine left me with some extra pounds... It's been hard to find cute fun stuff in my size and these babies are it!

I think they'll be fun and edgy underneath a LBD for a fun and comfy outfit. (Great for traveling, btw.)

They'll also provide some levity to my today and Pilates practice on colder days.

Then, in order to get free shipping, I also picked up this little beauty! I already have a Bando flower in hot pink that I love to wear and figured silver would add a little pizazz to my holiday ensembles. It seems to shed a good bit at the moment (the perils of lamè, my friends...) but other than that I love it!

Also, how adorable is the Bando packaging?

Thanks Bando, I am pretty lucky!

My box included a smile guarantee that I don't foresee needing to use but

Iike having.

It also came with the cutest coupon cards! Savings? Yes, please!

There are three to share and one for you to use. How thoughtful! Love it!

(I also purchased some underpinnings but no one needs to see those....)

Overall, I was super happy with the process and I found that the sale prices were great and the products as advertised. I'm really glad that I went for it this time. Money well spent can be as good as money well saved while shopping!



(All photos created and owned by Krista Carson. All products purchased through


Get Nailed

This time around I was looking to create a Thanksgiving worthy festively fun fall feel (aaah alliteration!) so I went with an oxblood base then added some flair. I used Chanel Vamp polish, Ciaté sparkly foil sheets, and generic triangle shaped nail studs on my ring fingers that I purchased from a Five Below (its like a dollar store type of chain near my in-laws.)
I was pretty happy with the results, so I did my toes too.
What color are you wearing for Thanksgiving?
(Photo created and owned by Krista Carson.)



Sunday, November 24

Around The House This week

I made a sparkly terrarium.
Worked on a watercolor to spruce up a particular corner of my home...
Made some Holiday themed art with markers.
Did more water colors.
Entered a contest using this photo and the tag: Some days call for multiple diamonds... (All rings are vintage and passed down except for my Tiffany's wedding band and antique blue diamond engagement ring.)
Felt sparkly. (More to come later...)
Spent some money. (More cryptic more to come...)
Totally nerded out when THE Aerin Lauder, as in the fabulous granddaughter of Esteé Lauder, responded to me on Instagram! Screen shot? I think yes! (Side note: trying to track down this chic looking tequila.)
Happened upon some bluegrass/ folk magic in a parking lot randomly. Seven guitars, a bass, a banjo, and a fiddle make for a mighty fine old school jam session. (To see two short videos check my Instagram feed here.)
Won a Frends headphones Instagram contest!!! So very excited!!! (Screen shot once more! Eeep!)
Bought the pup a new bed designed for safety in the car. The husband put it together and she loves it! In the living room at least... Driving testing commencing soon...
Bought alcohol for the holidays. Looking forward to trying a Left Bank Martini!
Purchased bunches of candies to create a warm holiday glow!
(All photos created and owned by Krista Carson.)