Sunday, February 17

Hawaii Day Two: Lahaina Gallery, Creative Cool

Later in the afternoon we stopped over at the Mauna Lani Shops to pick up a few snacks and drinks for the room and peek around a bit. There we came across Lahaina Gallery. A beautiful painting of a cathedral caught my eye and drew me inside. Upon closer inspection it turns out it wasn't a painting at all but rather an elaborate work consisting of various natural shades of inlaid wood. It was surprising and breath-taking! I had never seen anything like it before, it was meticulously gorgeous!

The Hungarian artist, Kalman Radvanyi, uses many different wood veneers from all over the world and draws on memories of his European upbringing to create his fanciful imagined locations in realistic detail.
The next beauty to really catch my eye was Roanaldo Macedo's Island Greeting.
Macedo is a Brazilian artist who has lived on the island of Maui since 1989. His work often depicts the gorgeous landscapes and minutiae of life that Hawaii has to offer.
The final creation to really capture my imagination was the work of artist Darrell Hill, who I'm sorry to say I have since learne passed away on the 12th.

(Arise, Darrell Hill's beautiful depiction of a Hawaiian wave.)

Hill grew up in California and, together with his artist wife, lived in the Holualoa Artists' village. A past president of the the Holualoa Foundation for Art and Culture he was passionate about creating, supporting, and engendering art. His impressionistic style had many influences but his skillful and happy iterations of Hawaiian life speak for themselves.

(Darrell Hill's Beach Cottage, seems to depict the green winter retreat cottage on Mauna Lani property.)

(Island Music by Darrell Hill, birds of paradise are one of my favorite flowers!)

Peeking about the gallery was a joy. It's always fun to guess at how the ethos and pathos of an artist is displayed in their work. Of course, a gallerist who's a kindred art loving spirit doesn't hurt either! Hopefully someday I'll be able to take my own little piece of preserved paradise home with me but memories will have to do for now.



Please Note:

That all photos were taken and used with permission by Krista Carson and are for personal use only. Other usage is strictly prohibited. Permission from Lahaina Galleries must be obtained before use. This is an unsponsored post, I just really loved what the gallery had to offer and wanted to share with all of you. For further interest please contact the Lahaina Gallery directly.



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