Tuesday, September 30

My Sister Stacy's Birthday

Happy 31st Stacer!
(You're so old now! (Side note: we are now the same age))
Hope you had a day with as much sparkle as you bring to the world!
Also, I think it's was only appropriate that my drive over to celebrate had so many rainbows along the way!
So lovely!
I love the reflections in the glass on these shots too.

And a flip gram action shot for good measure.

Happy Birthday!



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Bits of my Summer...

So... I totally dropped off the face of the internets this summer... Between being sick regularly (ugh...) and super busy I didn't seem to have enough time to live online and offline so I chose off. :) In the spirit of sharing though I'm making a re-newed effort to get back to this space.
This Fall finds me starting new classes and endeavors and busier than ever but that also means I have tons to share! So, I'm starting with the cool stuff from this summer and then I'll work my way forward.
Here are some random bits:
We watched Fourth of July Fireworks via a pontoon boat on Bay Lake over at Disney World.
It was pretty epic in my opinion!

We got silly with our sweet crazy pup!

We watched some amazing sunsets.
I celebrated my birthday in style, thanks to my spectacular Husband and lovely family! (Here's to 31!)
Had more Abigail the Westie time!
Enjoyed Florida wildlife despite the heat.
Which included the loveliest family of cranes! (They're under the tree in the distance, I didn't want Abigail to scare them off.)
Enjoyed all the beautiful nature here.
Saw some magical moons.

And were continuously blown away by the colors of Florida's sunsets.


More to come soon!

What did you do this summer?



(All images created and owned by Krista Carson. Please ask permission before using.)

Tuesday, September 2

Inspire Me Tuesday

I just really love how spirited this is! The beauty in the imperfection.



(Image via richesforrags tumblr.)