Tuesday, June 24

Inspire Me Tuesday

This week is a call to beauty. To finding it that is.

To opening our eyes and choosing to see the good, the lovely, the beautiful that's always there somewhere.

Let's find it!



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Tuesday, June 17

Inspire Me Tuesday

Don't settle. Go live!



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Tuesday, June 10

Inspire Me Tuesday




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Friday, June 6

Friday Funny

So I have a plan...

It goes like this.

Buy this very refined sculptural Dino decor from Modcloth.

Place it against the opposing wall of someone's bed while their sleeping.

Or on the nightstand, whatever's easiest.

Then enjoy.

Now if only I had a spare 85 bucks...



(Dino decor available via Modcloth.)



Tuesday, June 3

Inspire Me Tuesday

Have you seen the film Saving Mr. Banks?

It's a very touching film about Walt Disney attempting to woo the author P.L. Travers into filming and then the production of her book Mary Poppins onto the screen.

One of my favorite scenes in the film is when P.L. Travers is saying goodbye to her driver whom, through their developed relationship, she has discovered has a handicapped daughter. She hands him a note with these names and this is what she tells him.

It's a particularly powerful scene about not living within the restrictions society puts on you but pushing those boundaries and exceeding expectations and perceived limitations.

It really resonated with me.

As someone growing up with ADD, mild dyslexia, legally blind in one eye, and now a chronic auto immune disorder that regularly wreaks havoc it is a most poignant reminder that the only thing holding me back is me.

I might not be able to participate with society on its terms or in the way it expects but I can still exceed expectations. Including the most important expectations, my own.

My parents definitely instilled this in me growing up and I am so grateful. It has afforded me wonderful opportunities and amazing feats and experiences that might not have happened otherwise.

But for those of you who haven't heard and all of us that need to be reminded: we are capable of anything!

Now go exceed your expectations today!



(Graphic via Disneybound tumblr.)