Wednesday, July 25

Under The Weather

Sorry for the void where my posts usually are... I've been feeling a bit ill recently. Here's to tea, Tylenol, and Husbands who bring home gingerale till the fevers go away.



Thursday, July 19

Beautiful Inside and Out

The inimitable Audrey Hepburn... Quel joli femme...



The Great Gatsby

I cannot wait to see the latest take on Gatsby (yeah, we're close personal friends like that) in theaters! I have always loved Fitzgerald and the beautiful messes he so meaningly reveals in his novels. The glitz, glamour, and gloriously portrayed Weltschmerz of life seem to leap off every page and into the reader's imagination and heart. Fitzgerald is why I've always been obsessed with the 1920's or maybe the 1920's are why I've always been obsessed with Fitzgerald... Anyway, this is a movie I think everyone will want to see! Just watch the trailer and try not to be excited! There's no way they didn't go over budget on this one. The sets certainly appear pretty lavish so far, right? Let me know what you think. Also, do you think the casting is on the mark?


A Seriously Smitten K


Tuesday, July 17

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!

I interrupt your Tuesday inspiration post to wish three people I love very much Happy Birthday today! To my beloved brother Timothy, my sweet Aunt Carol, and my dear Uncle Mike I wish you the Happiest of days today! May you be celebrated and know how much you are loved!



May you be inspired to tell those you care for how much you love them today!
Image via Mellymoo papercrafting

Monday, July 16

Listen In

Hi all! Just wanted to share this awesome song, Ho Hey, by The Lumineers. Let me know if you love it as much as I do!



Mineral Mondays!


Imandrite is a silicate in the Loverzerite group and a hybrid between nepheline syenite and Grauwacke, or an albitegranite. It is found in Khibinh massif, near Lake Imandra (its namesake), Kola Peninsula, and Russia.

System:OrthorhombicHardness:5 - 5½
Member of:Lovozerite Group
It's silicate crystals have such pretty colorations but the more I look at it, it kind of reminds of a Christmas fruitcake... Lol... What do you think?



(Images and info via Web Mineral, Mindat, and the NGDI)


Sunday, July 15

Italian Lace

I was catching up on some old posts on Garance Doré's blog when I came across the one with Giorgia and her beautiful lace dress.

Turns out Giorgia had started her own line of Italian lace beauties and was wearing one.
Below is what she has to say about her line, and its touching inspirations, on her site, Like My Mother:

"Like My Mother" draws its styling inspiration from old trunks in the attics, memories hidden in the drawers by our mothers' grandmothers. Saving the traditions like a comeback to one's cultural roots and values connects the generations over time. Lace is the creative identity of the brand which stands out on its own thanks to the exclusive hand-crafted woven fabrics, heart of the traditional Made In Italy. The unique laces combined with linear shapes suggest both tradition and innovation. "Like My Mother" rediscovers the mother's old wardrobe, the lightness of the summery and feminine fabrics which keep emotional souvenirs."



(Images and info via Garance Doré and Like My Mother)


Thursday, July 12

Seattle Fish Co.

The other day the husband and I were wondering around the junction in West Seattle when our hunger got the best of us and we decided to check out the Seattle Fish Co. Husband had heard great things about it and they were all true!

The fish is all super fresh and local with great prices!

It smelt awesome too. The way it's supposed to smell, or should I say not smell, when it's fresh.

There was a great little cafe area to eat in with a great menu to go with it.
The crab cakes and accompanying salad were both soooo good and fresh we forgot to get a photo before we dug in.

We did get a photo of the fish and chips in but they didnt last long. I think we found a new favorite fish n' chips spot! Our old one closed down :(

I washed it all down with a WA made honey creme soda that was the best creme soda I've had yet!
It was all super delicious and I recommend it for eating in or buying fresh fish to make at home! If you're ever in my neck of the woods, or sound as it may be, give them a try!



(All images owned by Krista Carson)


Happy Bastille Day!

Happy Bastille day to France and all the Francophiles out there! I spent a semester studying abroad in Paris and loved being there! Here's a little about Bastille Day below:
Bastille day, or Fête nationale, is a national French holiday commemorating the storming of the Bastille and marking the beginning of the French Revlution.
The Bastille was a prison that represented the extreme power of Louis the 16th and storming it signaled that the king no longer held this power.
Bastille Day has such a strong significance for the French because the holiday symbolizes the birth of the a new government.

A grand Bastille Day display at the Arc de Triomphe
Hope you all are having a great day!
(Image via Period1)

Tuesday, July 10

Inspire Me Tuesday

Here's to your sparkling style and personality! Hope you get out there and shine today!


(Image via ArtOfOverwhelm)


Monday, July 9

Mineral Mondays!

Today we take a look at Howlit. It's a beautiful opaque white stone with veins that adds great contrast with other stones but holds it own too. Howlite is frequently dyed to imitate turquoise, thus creating a more affordable option, but I think it's pretty awesome as is. Sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful!

Formula: Ca2 B5 SiO9 (OH)5

System: Monoclinic Colour: White; colourless in ...

Hardness: 3½ - 6½

Name: After Henry How (1828 - 1879) Canadian chemist, geologist, and mineralogist, of Nova Scotia, who first described the species.

Usually compact earthy masses and very rarely in crystals. The earthy material gives a "hardness" of 3.5 but this is just the hardness of separating the grains. The crystals give a hardness of 6.5



(Images and info via Mindat , Gyógyítás Kövekkel, and Cochise)


Happy National Sugar Cookie Day!

Here's to another sweet holiday that I can really add to my get behind! Sugar cookies have always been on of my faves. Whether you make a batch from scratch, pick some up at the grocery store, or try the super fancy Super Duper Sugar Cookie Mix from Vosges that looks super duper good... go on and have a cookie today, calories be darned!



(Image and mix via Vosges)


Wednesday, July 4

Happy Birthday USA!

Happy fourth to all and happy birthday to my country and home!!!

I'm super proud to be American (I always feel like we should call ourselves Statesmen though since America is actually two continents with a gaggle of countries but... I digress...) and to live in a country born of the desire for and true to so many freedoms! We've come a long way for such a "new" country and we keep moving forward. Thanks to all the men and women out there who've made us great and to those who keep us going we can be proud to celebrate our country's birth, Happy, Happy, Birthday USA!!!

If you can't tell, I'm big on the fourth, so every year I dress for it. Red, white, and blue all the way! And who doesn't love a striped shirt?

I also love a good sale so everything I'm wearing was a great value too! J.crew. striped shirt, Marshall's cardigan and skirt, Rayban sunnies, Vintage necklace, Free People headband (very appropriate today I thought), Lancôme (yes, you read it right, free with purchase natch) tote, and arm party plus rings made by me!

A sign for celebration helps of course, I made this one to use for all birthdays this year and it's blue hue, my favorite color, happens to fit the theme so well!

Now, Cue the confetti!!! It's time to celebrate!!!



(All image owned by Krista Carson, tassel garland by EverlyLane)


Sunday, July 1

Strawberry Picking

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I've been having some technical difficulties... :( On the bright side, it's looks like everything should be working now (fingers crossed)! Now on to my post:

My birthday's tomorrow (last year of my twenties, yikes!) which gave me the perfect amount of leverage I needed in order to get the husband to go strawberry picking with a few of the girls and their men yesterday! (Birthday blackmail for the win!) So we all loaded up in two cars and drove out to Broer's organic u-pick farm.

Broer's barn

Strawberry fields forever...

The gang picking in the fields

Strawberries, strawberry flowers, and the mud they live in

Raspberry bushes in bloom

Me and my berry bounty

Rows of raspberry bushes

Raspberries waiting for a sunny day to ripen

Boxes o' bees containing bits o' honey

Cool old farm equipment

The old scale and a sign awaiting marionberry season

A good time was had by all! My one friend planned on making jam but I had more immediate uses for my strawberries... Strawberry shortcake! More on that later though.

I can't wait to go back in a few weeks when the blackberries are ripe! Mmmmm, they're my favorite!