Tuesday, February 19

Guide To Understanding The Introverted

Have you seen this yet? It's been making the rounds on the inter-webs and I get such a kick out of it because, it speaks the truth my friends.

As an introvert myself, I know we don't always come off as being that way but those that know us the best know better. My husband laughed when he saw this. I can't count how many times I've said "We could go and it could be fun but... It'll take sooo much energy..." Even with the people I love the best, this is true. Often times my ideal night is staying in with a good read or my guitar or ukelele and having someone cuddly (Hi, Husband!) nearby, but not too close. Lol. But I do like my space just as much as I like the possibilities of cuddles. Sometimes us introverts just need to suck it up and concede though, so...

Hug your introvert today!



(Comic via Lolsnaps.com)


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