Friday, February 28

Friday Funny

To all my thirty something peeps:

Aging can be a wonderful thing... ;)



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Wednesday, February 26

Happy Birthday!

Today I'm wishing my big brother Jonas a Happy Birthday!

Hope you have a wonderful day! Love you!



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Wanderlust Wednesday

Havasu Falls

Somewhere in the Grand Canyon in Arizona lies Havasu Falls. I've yet to have the opportunity to go to the Grand Canyon but if I ever get to, I want to go here. It's a place that just seems steeped in mystery and history to me. The history of the earth and it's peoples. The stunning vista it provides fuels my desire for adventure.

I've always dreamed of rafting through the canyon and stopping along the way to make camp near places like Havasu Falls. That being said, I have no clue where in the canyon it lies so I'm not sure that's even possible... Lol.

A girl can dream though, right?



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Tuesday, February 25

Inspire Me Tuesday

How beautiful is this print by oh my deer of this awesome Van Gogh quote?

(You can purchase it here.)

"I am seeking

I am striving

I am in it

With all my heart."

Vincent Van Gogh

I want to end my Inspire Me Tuesdays during what many consider to be a month about love on this note.

Love is not all about romantic endeavors and being swept off your feet.

Love, both romantic and otherwise, is about seeking, striving, and being in it (whatever that may be) with all your heart.

When we choose to do these things in love we are not being passive. We are making an active choice. A choice that has to be made every day and from moment to moment. When we live like this we can't lose because no matter what happens we are secure knowing that we truly loved and truly gave our all.

I challenge us all to seek more, strive more, and be in more, and give everything we do and our loved ones more.

Let's give them our whole hearts.

Who knows what we might find or get in return? At the worst we'll find ourselves and a renewed sense of worth... Sounds pretty awesome to me.



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Friday, February 21

Friday Funny

Have a problem?
Gandalf can help!



(Gandalf Problem Solving Flowchart via LOTRPROJECT.COM/BLOG)

Wednesday, February 19

DIY Popper Present

My sweet sister in law just had her birthday on the 14th. She's super fun and her favorite color is pink. So I wanted to wrap her small gift in a fun way that I hope she'll like. What did I come up with?
A birthday popper!
Want to know how to make one?
Click through the jump for the details!

Yes, Please

When I saw this fun bright clutch filled with floating neon glitter I fell quirkily in love. It totally reminds me of those glitter and water filled bangle bracelets I used to sport as a kid in the best way.

Shopbop Says:


Fluorescent Glitter Globe Clutch


Neon glitter floats inside a liquid-filled lucite box clutch from Kotur. A crystal kiss lock opens the top, and a rolo chain links one side. Optional pouch. Dust bag included.

Weight: 20oz / 0.57kg.

Imported, China.


Height: 4in / 10cm

Length: 6in / 15.5cm

Depth: 2.25in / 5.75cm


After discovering a trove of vintage brocades in an old mill in Hong Kong, native New Yorker and Parsons-educated designer Fiona Kotur was inspired to create a line of handbags that reflected her love of art and fashion. The initial Kotur collection was unveiled in 2004, and ever since, these unique handbags have been sought after by the global fashion set. With pieces that are as easily suited to fashion week as they are to date night, Kotur handbags are the modern woman's carryall of choice."

I think it'd be a great twist with jeans or all dressed up. And it would definitely make me feel young at heart. The $395.00 price tag on the other hand... But that's why it's called wishful thinking though, right?

Would you carry a clutch this eccentric?



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Tuesday, February 18

Inspire Me Tuesday

Have you been kind to yourself lately?

I know I struggle with this a lot. I'm a glass half full kind of gal unless it comes to myself.

I tend to beat myself up and tell myself that I'm under accomplished or not good enough. I often let my poor health, lack of time, etc. make me feel bad about what I haven't done or can't do anymore... When I should really be letting those things make me feel extra good about what I have accomplished and still can accomplish instead... Do you struggle with similar issues?

Hopefully this quote will help to remind me to be as optimistic and compassionate towards myself as I am to others.

I deserve it and you do too!



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Friday, February 14

Happy Birthday Jennifer!

Today is not just Valentine's Day, it's also my lovely sister in laws birthday!

I was super excited to help surprise her for her birthday earlier this week on Wednesday.

Unbeknownst to her, her Mother and brother flew down from Ohio and I picked them up at the airport and took them over to the house.

This is what happened:

(The really big guy is her husband, my little brother.)

Her reaction was priceless!

Happy, Happy Birthday Jenny!



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Friday Funny

I don't know who this comedian is but this joke found on Let Me Eat Pears tumblr about Jane Austen movies made me laugh. Also, I find it appropriate for Valentine's Day. ;)



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Wednesday, February 12

What I Wore: Outfit Details

Pointed toe black patent leather flats tonight.
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Tuesday, February 11

Inspire Me Tuesday

With Valentines Day coming later this week, I think it's a good time to stop and remember to feel with our hearts.



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Monday, February 10

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes...

Anthropologie always has the quirkiest cutest things and these Logan Brand Dusk Blossom Heels are no exception... I love them! Irrationally perhaps, since I'd have no place to wear them, but love it is all the same.
The highly impratical 4.5" raffia wrapped heel would make me look like a giant (I'm already 5'8") and get trashed in Florida's frequently wet weather...
The delicate silk upper and leather sole would fair about the same as the heel...
But what a pretty 4.5" heel it is.
And how lovely is the painterly silk print?

Che amore...

Shoe love... It's often rather irrational, no?



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Saturday, February 8

Things Lately

Here's a peek at things lately.
(If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen some of these already.)
My sweet pup on a cold day modeling a sweater from Grandma.

Tiny heart shadows in a porcelain candle holder.

The adorable 3-d anniversay card my husband gave me!

Enjoying driving my still fairly new car. (And still enjoying my sparkly blue diamond engagement ring too!)



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Friday, February 7

Friday Funny

As the owner of an adorable little puppy this wall art from Joss and Main makes me laugh every time I see it... Too true, too funny...

If your interested you can purchase it here.

Happy Weekend!



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National Wear Red Day: Go Red!

"Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women in the United States, claiming more lives than all forms of cancer combined. For more than 10 years, the American Heart Association has sponsored National Wear Red Day® to raise awareness in the fight against heart disease in women.

Celebrate National Wear Red Day® with Go Red For Women on Friday, Feb. 7, 2014 to help fight women’s No. 1 killer—heart disease."

What can you do?

Go to:
to learn more!

Remember ladies, your heart is worth the love!!!
(All images created and owned by Krista Carson. All information via, I am not affiliated with the American Heart Association, I just support it personally.)


Thursday, February 6

Yes, Please!

Kate Spade always gets it right.

Fun, sassy, and classy? Yes, please!

Here are my current favorite picks:

Going clockwise from the top left: Tanner Dress, OOH LA LA Large Bella Pouch, Dictionary IPad Folio, La Pavillion IPad Folio, I Married Adventure Book Clutch, and Krysta Pumps

Isn't the bow on the back of the dress just the sweetest?!



(All images via Kate Spade.)

Wednesday, February 5


Orange you glad it's hump day? (Mike! Mike!)
Lame joke aside, the tiny orange tree in my parents back yard is blooming and ripening reminding me that spring isn't too far away...

Hope these oranges help remind you that warmer days are yet to come! Also, halfway to Friday! What, what!



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Monday, February 3

Getting Creative: Argento Alchemy

Here's my little something special I told you about earlier!

It's a delicate sterling silver and ruby handcrafted "Secret Love" necklace.

Each lovely ruby bead represents a dot and each sterling cylinder bead represents a dash. Together on their delicate sparkly 18" chain they spell out "Love" in Morse code!

I love love but that doesn't mean I always want to my heart on my sleeve or a literal heart around my neck. I created this necklace for those times when you want something special but also delicate and subtle in a lovely way.

It's a great gift for yourself, friends, sisters, or mothers! It's also great for hinting about to that special someone in your life...

I'm still just getting started with Argento Alchemy again so I only have a limited amount of these at the moment.

Hopefully my new etsy website will be up soon but in the meantime if your interested please email me at:

(Each necklace is $30.00 and shipping to the continental U.S. is free! All other shipping zones will be shipped at the current US Postal Service rate.)

Ruby Kisses,


(Design is property of Krista Carson. All images are created and owned by Krista Carson.)



I'm Back! / Getting Creative

Things are still pretty crazy around here*... But after my health recently affected me in a negative way once again (and also a sad way that I'm not quite ready to chat about...) I decided it was time to start putting myself first.

For me that means saying no when something is too much, accepting the support of my loved ones (and not feeling guilty about it), putting my body's health before things like dishes and laundry**, and allowing myself to do what I love most; being creative.

Allowing myself to get creative fills me up and de-stresses me like nothing else. Also, it's high time I listen to my Doctors and do the things that help keep my body relaxed and whole. For me that's making.

When I'm playing my ukelele or guitar, writing songs, painting, or any other number of things, I feel good. The only thing that makes me feel better is when I get to share those things with loved ones and the world around me.

Because of that I decided it was high time to get back to work making jewelry for my line Argento Alchemy. I put it on hold to care for a family member for an extended period of time, then because of our move, then because of my own health issues, but no more.

Argento Alchemy is back and it feels awesome! Of course, with that amount of time passing and a Paciffic to Atlantic level location change I'm starting all over at the beginning again... But I don't mind beacause as Julie Andrews sang, it's a very good place to start!

My favorite plier to work with, jump rings, spring rings, and sterling silver metal bits that I recycle and re-use.
Hand stamped double sided "a" tags for the pieces I make.
Yummy rubies with a clear bright cherry color for something special!

It's not January and this is not a New Years resolution but a life change that needs to stick for my own health. It comes with its challenges, rheumatoid arthritis and hands that randomly go numb... But it's so worth it for the kick ass feeling I get when I power through and create something that another person cherishes.

What are you doing in your life to take care of you? Whatever it is, let's stop feeling guilty about it together and start feeling awesome because when we take care of ourselves we can also share our best selves! Isn't that the goal in life anyway?

Oh, and more to come on the special something very soon!



(All images created and owned by Krista Carson.)

*Yes, I'm still putting away all our Christmas decor after being gone for most of January. Yes, I know it's February... (Sheesh.) And, no, don't cry for me Argentina because I was in Hawaii for my sisters gorgeous wedding. (Yay! Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Rowin!)

** for me that means exercising first and if I don't have the energy to do the dishes when I'm done, well, they can wait... And shockingly wait they do! Lol, who knew? Revolutionary right?