Tuesday, January 17

Baby Let's Cruise

"Let's cruise, let's flow, let's glide..." (cue cheesy 60's classic music here) on a vacation away from it all... leaving all our worries behind...

Mr. T and I are going on a cruise to México this weekend for our one year anniversary/ honeymoon!
We decided to stay at our wedding destination after it was all over so we could visit with all our family and friends who came to the wedding that we never get to see (seeing them requires cross-continental travel) so it wasn't really a quiet honeymoon but more of a celebration continuation. (Although we did sneak away each night for a just the two of us dinner at some fabulous places!)

(Picture of Wedded Bliss: 1/23/11 (I'm laughing about something here. That man can always make me smile!)
Needless to say we're super excited to get to take this trip! The crazy pre-travel laundry packing has commenced. I'm still trying to figure out what exactly to bring and what balance of warm and cold clothes will work best this time of year when you're cruising to México.
So I will put off pesky rental hunts till we get back. I can't wait to be off to warmer snowless places... Aaaah sun... How I've missed your smiling rays...
Jeans for colder days.
Cute nautical stripes everywhere, anywhere, and any color.

Wide brimmed hats to keep the sun off my pale skin, colorful bikinis to make up for the pale skin, and a great sunscreen to keep it safe!
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