Friday, February 22

Made Me Giggle: Poke The Bear

How cute is this print I came across on Pinterest? It made me giggle. (So cute and so funny in print form.) Can you imagine this hanging in someone's house? Growing up I heard this phrase a lot. From my Grandfather who used to pretend The Bear was on the phone for me, or left me a message, to my parents and siblings. Plus it always rings true even though I can never resist doing it...

I then promptly texted it to the Husband... Even though he was in the room with me. True story.

May the tech Gods not strike me down for excessive and silly use...

He's my most favorite person to lovingly torture and harass. And I mean that it the best way possible. Whether it's a random dance break while doing dishes (what! what!) or literally poking his side when he's not expecting it, I keep him on his toes and, luckily, he loves me for it!



(Image via Pinterest.)


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