Tuesday, February 5


Have you seen Anthropologie's latest collab yet?

It's 12 gorgeous Limited-Edition Stand-Up Paddleboard, by Kai Malie with Saffron James.

With an EPS foam core, fiberglass shell, epoxy, custom fabric, the board at 10'L, 31"W, 4.5"D, the paddle at 68"L, 9"W , and handmade in USA they are more than just a pretty face!

My favorites are the Blue Motif, Crimson, and Black and White.

(They include a booklet, three fins, fin key, instructions, EZ Plug handle, EZ Plug leash plug, and ankle leash.)

Anthro says: "EDITOR'S NOTES Hang twelve, dude. That's right - twelve. As in the number of these state-of-the-art beauties we had handmade by an expert Hawaiian board shaper. Inlaid with vintage silk ikat and Suzani fabric, each one-of-a-kind, functional work of art comes tagged with its Hawaiian name and the date it was made, along with a matching paddle and miniature tote to house other saltwater necessities. (Balance not included.)"

With a price tag closer to$10k than not these boards are both dreamy and a pipe dream... For me at least... Lucky for me, though, I always seem to live near large bodies of navigable water so perhaps someday I could find something like them?

If you could, would you shell out for one?



(Images and info via Anthropologie)


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