Tuesday, October 15

I've Been Everywhere...

Not really, but it's a really catchy song...

Any rate, I thought I would continue to share the places I've been to that I've really enjoyed in the past or thought were neat and worth sharing but under this title from now on.* Now on with the post!

So, some people hate Andrew Carnegie. And some people are fans...But, one thing you can't help being a fan of, though, was his building/ funding of public libraries around the country.

Pretty awesome methinks! I love books and reading so Carnegie wins major points with me where this topic is concerned...

The Queen Anne branch in Seattle is a lovely small branch he funded. It manages to be super cozy but has lots of special details. Plus it's easy to catch a bus to it if your in the city or to walk just a few blocks from it to some of the most beautiful vistas of the city and the surrounding mountains in Seattle.


From the stained glass to the woodworked details, everything is just lovely.


Plus, you can't fault a beautiful place that supports and brings the community together... And I love all the pretty trees surrounding it! If your in Seattle and looking for a cozy place to dry off, use some wifi, and enjoy a good book this is your place! Not to mention that Upper Queen Anne has awesome food, "How to Cook A Wolf**," anyone?



(All photos by Krista Carson.)

*Throwback Thursday reminds me of old school pics... I'm not against it, in fact I rather enjoy it but it just doesn't seem to fit for this sort of post.

**Yes, that's really the name of a restaurant. It's a super popular place for a reason. :)


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