Saturday, October 26

MJ Trimming Project DIY: October

I finally got my October MJ Trimming DIY box tonight and was super stoked to dig into it!

The theme this time, as you can see, is Punk revival. I love me some punk rock and spikes just as much as I love preppy and pearls so I really love this theme.

It came with everything I needed to get my punk on. Easy to follow step by step instructions make it easy to create the cool punk pieces pictured.


But in true punk form I decided to toss the directions this time before I dove in.



So I jumbled all the pieces up and started from scratch.



My little Westie pup Abigail wanted in on the action too. :)


So of course I made her a little punk princess with a sparkly gold spike collar. (Don't worry, she only wore it for a picture. I didn't leave my precious pup covered in sharp spikes even though she looked pretty adorable!)


Then I made a ling silver and gold toned necklace that I like styled doubled up.



I used this cool round gold clasp as the focal point.



Then I took the pearl chain, a spike, safety pin, end connectors (the little ends you normally use with leather in order to attach it to something), and jump rings to make a second necklace.




I added the end connectors to jump rings with a couple little pearl links to jazz up the spike hanging off the safety pin.



I loved the tiny spikes and when I saw them I knew immediately that I wanted to make earrings out of them. Some silver linked chain, pearl links, and a jump ring later I was pretty happy.



I used the black chain as a juxtaposition against the gold link chain to make a bracelet. Black and gold is very on trend at the moment and I can see why. They contrast and enhance each other nicely.



So... That's the whole shebang. I feel like I really got a lot out of this month's box and I'm pretty happy with the results.


What do you think, would you have gone rogue and created your own punk inspired thing or would you have stuck with the directions?

Either way, if you haven't signed up the Project DIY box yet do it now! It makes it so easy and fun to DIY cool pieces in the comfort of your living room. Love that and love it and the inspiration it gives me!





(All photos and jewelry designs by Krista Carson. Project DIY box and materials all from MJ Trimming.)


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