Saturday, October 12

The Palmer House Hilton

While in downtown Chicago I was fortunate enough to be surprised with a stay at the Palmer House Hilton. (The Husband knows how much I love historic places.)
The outside is rather inconspicuous compared to inside.
Even the stairs have lovely architecture.
This was the elevator lobby on our floor.
We were pretty exhausted by the time we got there late at night but still excited.
The elevator lobby downstairs reflects the resplendent architecture and tastes of the day.
However, it's the main lobby of the hotel that really sings!

The soaring ceilings are full on intricate details.



Even the lighting is reminiscent of the over the top splendor of the era.

The hotel has the Roman, Greek, and Egyptian touches that we're popular throughout.


And it's chock full of stunning marbles, granites, and other stonework.

Even the grillwork on the ducts is meticulous. And while it's been modernized the escalator actually blends in surprisingly well.

You can just imagine the sort of swirling roaring parties that used to happen here.

Either side of the upper stories of the main lobby is bookended with ballrooms. Unfortunately due to events happening and our time crunch I couldn't snag any photos of those...

Maybe next time I'm in downtown Chicago we can pop in for one of the history tours they offer and see them.

Super gorgeous though! It was a lovely experience that I highly recommend. The room was well appointed and the room service was timely and tasty. (Truffle chips? Yes, please!) Even if you're not going there to stay be sure to tuck your head in and take a peek!



(All photos by Krista Carson.)


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