Wednesday, October 2

Church Street Station

So remember when I said my little brother got married this year? Well, the historic venue they chose was stunning! They married and had their reception at Church Street Station in downtown Orlando, FL and the buildings details are super lovely!
It's chock full of stained glass, rich woods, gilding, and chandeliers... Le sigh...
Oodles more photos and detail shots after the jump. (And I do mean oodles... But if you're into historic and pretty places its totally worth the gander.)
It's atrium is full of light and really embodies the style of the Victorian era.








Even it's hallways have columns and tinned ceilings.




What now functions as the ballroom contains yet more gorgeous stained glass and details.





How fab is this wallpaper?

The courtyard is charming. (Pardon the blur, this photo is taken through vintage hand blown glass.)





I'm not even into gold usually and even I think it's just lovely. Hope you enjoyed the peek!



(All photos by Krista Carson.)


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