Wednesday, October 2

St. Petersburg, FL

Internet is still intermittent... and I leave for Chicago on Friday for a family wedding for a week (Hooray for my sweet cousin Melissa!)... and the new puppy may be winning the training war... and I think I'll be unpacking my new house for a year in the midst of all the chaos... But... I'm still trying to get things back to normal, at least on here. So without further ado, more on St. Petersburg, FL.
Back when the Husband and I went down to St. Pete to stay at the Vinoy for the weekend we ate out at the most delicious British pub, The Moon Under Water. It was just a short jaunt through the park and was well worth braving the heat.

Our hotel, the Vinoy.

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The Vinoy's harbor on the Gulf of Mexico.

The St. Petersburg pier and the harbor.

A sweet pretty little sculpture park.


The menu tells you the nifty story of the pub's name.

It's filled with all things Britania and offers a great selection at the bar. It's take on the painkiller, using Pusser's Rum, was sooo good!

A pic of my honey with a British flag for his British Mum. :)

My shepard's pie was perfect! Cheesy, potato-y, beefy, veggie, goodness served piping hot in its own little stoneware baking dish. Mmm.... So good!

My Husband had the British style curry and that was super yummy too.

So, I know British food and delicious isn't always a no brainer for lots of people but hear me out... When it's done right it is some of the most delicious comfort food around! Who doesn't love cheese and potatoes? Just don't count the calories...

If you're ever in St. Pete give them a try. Great food and great drinks equals a great pub!



(Photos by Krista Carson.)

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