Wednesday, October 9

Wisconsin Fall

My Mom in law, the Husband, and I all took a trip up to Lake Geneva in Wisconsin hoping to see some autumn leaf action. While the colors weren't vibrantly shaded in reds, oranges, and the like just yet (they had only just started to turn) the winding roads through the woods and the lake were still super lovely.

I loved passing all the fantastic properties and fancy farms.

This estate was one of thirteen (!) on Lake Geneva that used to belong to the Wrigley family. Gum pays, folks.

The Snake Trail drive is a family favorite.

Sunlight shimmering...

Fall starting to show across the water.

I loved how they wrapped corn stalks around the tree trunks in downtown Geneva.

A beautiful burst of yellow.
The Husband and his Momma. :)
Even the parking is pretty here.
Me and my Momma in law. (The fountain is a replica of the one in Central Park in NYC.)
I really enjoyed driving past the farms, the sunshine sparkling on the water, and of course the company was superb. :)
It was a perfectly lovely fall day!
(All photos by Krista Carson except the ones I'm in, they're by the Husband. :) )


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