Friday, October 4

Follow the Sound of the Water...

"Falling the sound of the water,
Beating down like a drum.
Follow the sound of the water,
A twinkling, constant, hum.
Follow along the waterfall trail,
To wonders you've yet to behold.
Follow them down to the river's sweet edge,
Where time never ever grows old.
Follow the water ever changing anew,
Let its sound cleanse your soul.
Follow the water,
It's waiting for you.
Waiting to make you feel whole."
Krista Carson Shankara

It's Friday! So I thought I'd share some pics of the last time I was in the Olympic National Park in the Valley of the Waterfalls. Whenever given the option this is what I love to do with my weekend! (Hopefully our parks and government won't stay shut down for long!)

I hope they calm you and inspire you the way these magical national treasures inspire me...






Hope you have a great weekend! Don't forget to support our National Parks System!



(Photos and poem all by Krista Carson.)

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