Thursday, October 10

The Geneva Inn

On our Wisconsin Fall leave jaunt/ hunt yesterday we stopped off at one of our family favorites to have lunch, The Genva Inn. And as usual, it's lovely ambiance and yummy food did not disappoint.

The Inn is tucked away on hillside on Lake Geneva which pretty much garuntees that it's picturesque in all seasons.

It's lobby has a large rustic fireplace where many family holiday pics have been taken.

Just a little Autumn decór made up of the bounty of Harvest season. :)

The glass atrium above the fireplace in the lobby.

The Husband is hungry. ;)

A seasonal and local mushroom, beef, and barley stew... Mmm... So good and satisfying!

Delicious pretzel and local five grain bread rolls that I may have been too busy trying to eat to take a steady pic of... ;)

Me trying not to look too hangry* after our autumnal walk.

It's all about the fresh, local, seasonal veggies right now folks... But why not throw in some tasty lump crab cakes smothered in dill sauce just to spice things up... Why not?

It was too backlit to get a good shot of my Momma in law but she's down there on the right in the dark... Great view out the windows, though!

Just chilling on the dock.

The Inn at the top of the hill.

Wisconsin, I think I'm in love.



(All photos by Krista Carson, unless I'm in it and then it's by the Husband.)

*Hangry: a word I made up in middle school to describe my feelings and behavior when deprived of food for long periods. Much to my delight, I've recently found out via Pinterest that the rest of the world feels the same way.

Sentence: "You won't like me when I'm hangry..."


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