Wednesday, October 9

Stade's Farm

My Mom in law wanted to get some corn stalks to decorate the house with for the fallidays* so we stopped by Stade's farm on our way home from Wisconsin. It was super cute and I may have had way too much fun... City folk...
Come out to farm where the barn is so red,
The sky is so blue and the corn grows higher than your head.

The grain towers so tall they scrape against the sky,

Call out to local folk who know when to stop by.

It's harvest time here,

And the bounty's begun.

So fresh and so good,

enough for everyone.

There are pumpkins to share,

Of nearly every size,

Just begging to be made into butters and pies.

Come stand in the corn stalks,

Smell the fresh air.

Feel the sunshine that greets you,

The crisp in the air.

Then off you will go,

Quick as wink.

Back to your homes where you'll rinse in your sink,

All of fall's bounty and harvest to share,

With all of your loved ones who couldn't be there,

There at the farm,

Where the corn grows so tall,

You're sure you could never,

Never, eat it all.

And the barns are so red,

The skies are so blue,

And the farmer's are waiting,

To share it with you.




(All photos by Krista Carson, unless I'm in it then it's by a loved one. Cheesy poem courtesy of my genius ;) brain.)

*fallidays: a word I created to describe one of my favorite times of year, the fall (duh). It's when family, friends, and food all come together in a glorious mishmash to relax and enjoy the good life.

Sentence: Bikini weather makes me so hangry, I can't wait for the fallidays!




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