Thursday, October 10

Autumn Art

Yesterday, we popped into one the galleries at downtown Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. Some of the nature themed art was so lovely I had to share!
I'm obsessed with Birch trees, and trees in general, so naturally I loved this piece!
And this one...
And the brilliant Autumn hues if this one...
Oh, and this one too... ;)
What can I say, I just really, really, love trees. Truly. Sincerely.
This one reminded me of a Tuscan hillside...

And I also liked this cheesy cute chalkboard sign. (DIY, maybe?)

Unfortunately the artists' named weren't listed... just prices* :/ But I liked them so well I decided to post them anyway. The paint strokes were very thick in person and really created great personality and movement in the art. Just lovely. :) If you're ever in Wisconsin and in downtown Lake Geneva be sure to check out the art scene. Your sure to find something to please. :)
(All photos by Krista Carson.)
*I really hate when galleries don't actively promote the artist as well as the sell. :/



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