Monday, October 14

Yes, Please: Days Fall Away...

Like leaves off the trees...

This time of year the days go by soo fast and before you know it it's January and you don't have a new calendar...

So when I saw this year's ├╝ber cute calendar design by Inslee Haynes I new I had to share it! I definitely want one. Yes, please!


How great are the sweet illustration! It's hard to pick a favorite but October is perfect. :) Maybe its because it's October now or because I have an Art History degree but... I love it. I also think all the others are super adorable too.

If your in the market for a calendar be sure to check it out! Her site also has a cute blog and other lovely illustrations for sale.

Enjoy each day to the fullest!



(All illustrations and images by Inslee Haynes.)



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