Monday, March 3

Happy Birthday Littlest Brother!

Today is the baby of the family's 25th birthday!

I remember taking big sister classes to learn how to care for a new baby.

I remember sitting in the hospital waiting room with my Baba and other siblings watching TGIF* while he was being born.

And I remember meeting him and falling in love, changing diapers, singing silly songs, helping with homework, driving him and his friends around, and doing cool big sister things like taking him to concerts.

Now's he's married and on his way in life. And 25! Crazy...

Wow. Time really flys by! It's hard to believe that my baby brother is a quarter if a century!

You've come so far and still have so much to look forward to, hope your birthday is fantastical!



*Do you remember TGIF? It was a line up of family friendly tv shows every Friday night, like Family Matters. (You know, that show that had Urkel.) It was awesome. TV should bring it back!

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