Thursday, March 20

Park Avenue in Winter Park

One of my favorite Florida gems to visit is the little town of Winter Park, Florida.
It's a sweet historic town with a lovely little railroad station, charming shops, great restaurants, art galleries, museums, and prestigious Rollins College.
Last time we went we decided to stop by for lunch and a stroll.
My favorite place to eat is an Italian place called Panullos. They have the best calzones around!
We shared bruschetta to start then dug in to the main event.
Their calzones are huge! We had so much that we split it and still took some home. They'll put anything you want in it but my favorite combo is spinach and pepperoni. The fresh basil and and grated parmesan on top really take it up a notch.
After eating we strolled up and down the avenue tucking into shops here and there and just relaxing.
I was lucky enough to live in Winter Park for a short time and this fountain was my favorite place to sit and read in the afternoon sun.
I always love this historic house La Casablanca's Feliz. (More on it later in another post though.)
The trees ate very reminiscent of old Florida. Mostly tall and stately oaks dripping in Spanish moss.
The Ave also has a lot of fabulous Art Deco details! which I love.
And the streets are quaintly done in cobblestone.
The sun hiding behind some clouds.
How fun is this old bicycle outside this antique jewelry store.
The Ave has a lot of special little nooks full of surprises like this garden and koi pond with it's surrounding shops.
Some of the koi are pretty big too. Well fed, I'd say.
And I love this tree growing in the middle of it all.
The far back wall consists of this cool slate fountain and a really neat painted Winter Park mural.
Here are a few pics of it:
Aaaaand, there's a Lilly Pulitzer store!
This zebra dress with the fringey bottom really wants to come home with me, I just know it.
I loved its kitschy palm tree chandeliers.

And this framed fabric print made me smile.

Winter Park is one hidden gem of a place in an otherwise very touristy are that I highly recommend these king out for a lovely break from all Orlando's theme parks.



(All images created and owned by Krista Carson.)

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