Thursday, March 6

Disney's Coronado Springs Pepper Market

One of my favorite Disney restaurants to tuck away to for a bite to eat is the super relaxed Pepper Market at Coronado Springs Resort and Hotel.
The food is yummy, the atmosphere is so pretty, and it's a nicer take on quick service (meaning it's easy.)
Plus, the decor there is the perfect mix of fun and lovely.
Peppers. Being that it's the Pepper Market of course.
A very cool basket installation covering one wall.
These Moroccan style star lanterns are all over the resort and I love love love them!
The seating is relaxed but atmospheric.

These are the carnitas tacos served with fresh salsa and tortilla chips.

The cheese empanadas are the real star here in my book. Holy hot, fried, gooey goodness! Ask for extra green sauce, yum!

Although it's Mexican inspired there are only three Mexican dishes there right now. (Sad face, bring back all the Latin flavors!) However, the two if the three I've had are super yummy. The yet to be tried dish is a tortilla soup.

So, you get a ticket and go around to each stand you want to in the market. You place your order, they stamp your ticket, and cook it fresh. Then you find a seat and pay with your ticket after. See? A more upscale quick service.

I loved the look go the lit room reflecting in the glass with the palm trees outside.
Why hello there giant bird woman! What's a Disney restaurant without some extreme decor?
More cool lanterns.
Delicate iron work detail covering glass.

Lurve these stars!

No really, I lurve them!

The beautiful fountain in the hotel's lobby.

A beautiful intricately laid domed mosaic tile rotunda in the lobby.

And, since it's Disney... A burro in the hotel store.

I really recommend stopping by if you live in the area or if your vacationing nearby. The margaritas are pretty awesome too!



(All images created and owned by Krista Carson.)

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