Thursday, March 13

Disney Day: The Living Seas

One of Disney's many cool places to check out is The Living Seas at Epcot.
I love to stop by and visit all the sea life.

This time we noticed something we've never seen before... An underwater "hidden" Mickey.

Very Disney, very fun.

Then we visited the manatees. This guy had been in a bad boating accident and after being rehabilitated was still too damaged to survive in the wild so he now makes his home here.

Him and his friend are well fed and cared for.

It's a good reminder to follow boating speeds, laws, and be careful while having fun out on the water. These friendly majestic creatures are unfortunately one of many that humans carelessly injure all too often...

On a different note, how fast are these fish zipping about their aquarium nursery. They were really moving!

And these clownfish!?!
Let's talk about them!

They are sooo tiny! (Look at my fingers for comparison.) Teeny tiny and very cute!

I was in love with them!

Such colorful little ones.

And the kids go nuts for them calling them Nemo. Also very cute.

They're in a special nursery section of the Living Seas where they breed and raise them. After they are old enough they release them into the wild to help rehabilitate Earth's struggling coral reefs. Awesome, right!



(All images created and owned by Krista Carson.)

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