Monday, March 31

Disney Day: A Very Disney Sunset Stroll

Not long ago the Husband and I decided to pop over to Disney's Coronado Springs for a quick bite and stroll.
The setting there is very romantic so it's one of our favorite spots to go.
As we left the house we saw this awesome sliver of a rainbow in the sky amidst all the sun rays. It was a lovely surprise.
Once there we grabbed some yummy empanadas to go and found a spot outside under the sunny sky.

We then saw the next scene in the sky's beautiful playof spectacular evening displays.

These whispy fluffy clouds were amazing. They spanned more than half the sky.

I really enjoyed all the blooming flora and fauna too. Birds of paradise are one of my favorite flowers.

Not sure what these yellow bloomed trees are but they were so lovely.

Then as the sun started to set we strolled around the the lake.

Every turn brought a gorgeous new vista.

The sun was really outdoing herself splashing the best colors from her palette across the sky...

So pretty.

Of course I had to sneak in a picture of the awesome resort pool we passed.

But it was the sky that really made the evening lovely.

One of the prettiest sunsets I've enjoyed in a while.

It really reminded me that I should take more time to stop and enjoy all the bounty surrounding me.



(All images created and owned by Krista Carson.)

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