Monday, March 10

Disney Day

The other week my Husband and I decided to use our Disney annual passes to pop over to the parks for a bit. It was a pretty cold and rainy day so we knew it wouldn't be crowded. We headed over first to the Beach Club Resort for a little bit.
I've always loved this amazing vintage car that's outside the resort.
So when the door was open I went for it and hopped in!
I'm not sure if you are allowed to or not... And I felt like I was solemnly up to no good so I had the Husband take some quick photos and I hopped out fast. It was so cool.
And how awesome are the mint rims!?!
I was pretty giddy about it.
Next we headed into Epcot to get some lunch.
We decided to eat in England. The husband's mum is British so after being together for ten years British food just feels homey and yummy, especially on a chilly wet day.
It was so cold that the leaves down here in Florida finally turned and started to fall. Fall in the late winter cold snap? Only in Florida... Lol.
So once seated in the Rose and Crown Pub (sorry, I didn't take any pics of it for some reason... but to see some and peek at the menu click over to WDW Info.) we promptly got down to business...
Business meaning beer. The husband ordered a Guinness and I ordered one of my favorites, a Strongbow dry English cider. Then we ordered all our favorites to share between the two of us.

    Scotch Egg - Golden fried hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat with mustard sauce.

    I'm allergic to eggs (no anaphylactic shock or anything just a bad tummy ache and hives) but even I make an exception for this fried piece of yummm and take a bite...

Seasonal Potato and Leek Soup topped with fresh chives and potato crisps.
Bubble and Squeak.
It wasn't the kind we're used to eating when we visit home (veggies and whatever's leftover fried up together in little potato patties) but it was still good. More of a different take on Shepard's pie, though.

    Cottage pie (aka, Shepard's pie)- Ground Beef, onions, mushrooms, creamy mashed potatoes and cheddar cheese.

    This is always superb here. The cheesy crust on top of the potatoes really brings it home!

    Then we proceeded to walk off the heavy meal we just ate by strolling around for a bit.

Epcot always has the best flowers (the upcoming flower and garden show their is one of my all time favorite Disney events every year!).
These roses smelled even lovelier than they look!
And on our way out we decided to ride Spaceship Earth. It's inside the giant silver geodesic globe at the front of the park. It tells you some of humanity's historical highlights and is pretty cool.
Plus it has some really neat effects inside. Check out this earth in the night sky view.
And this lighting situation you ride through towards the end is always super cool.
Then as you ride back down the globe you get to choose information that also uses your photo to depict a nifty future you.
Here we are in our self driving space car.

And out robot is always so helpful caring for our beloved pets while we're away from our floating house.

We're also super shiny and happy!

Aaand... We have a second house under the sea!

It's a future I could really get behind.



(All images created and owned by Krista Carson. Graphicsin the photos are by/ property of Disney.)


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