Sunday, March 16

Disney Day: Part 2

After departing the Magic Kingdom we hopped on the monorail and headed over to the Polynesian Hotel for a snack.

My little brother is looking oh so fab on the left and that's my husband on the right.

My sister in law Jen on the right and our friend Erin on the left.

At the Poly I got a Dolewhip.

For those of you out of the know a Dolewhip is one of the yummiest desserts at Disney! It's Dole pineapple flavored ice cream that can be swirled with an amazing vanilla if you so choose, and I always do.


Then we drove over to Animal Kingdom and rode Dinosaur where this fine fellow above greeted us.

And we looked fantastic riding it too I might add... (Don't know the people in the front row though.)

Then we got silly with the welcome sign.

Yes, can I help you?

I loved this geology pun on our way over to ride Everest.

Prayer flags and Everest.

The queue for the ride is pretty cool. You wind in and out of buildings full of climbing essentials and Yeti "history."

The prayer flags hanging throughout are really colorful and pretty.

And the ride is super fun! It was way faster than I remembered it being. (The last time I was in Animal Kingdom was over 8 years ago I think...) Also, the infamously broken million dollar Yeti (a animatronic yeti that has been non functional and broken for quite some time) surprised us as it was fully functional again and we were truly not expecting it. Lol.

A good time was had by all till the I'm too old for this kind of stuff headaches set in. So we called it a night shortly after.

We passed hundreds upon hundreds of Ibis on our way out sleeping in the trees. Unfortunately I couldn't get any photo to do it justice but all the lighter spots at the top are birds and as the pic turns to black it's because it was dark outside and the birds were so densely packed in the trees there.

It was a fun day!



(All images created and owned by Krista Carson.)


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