Tuesday, March 25


I first came across Saltabie on Instagram when I saw the #handsthatmake hashtag she started there. It's all about artisans and their wonderful, though often beat up, hands that create wonderful things. As a jewlery designer, artist, and crafter I found it really inspiring so I followed her feed.
Then when she did a contest for her new hand dyed and stitched minnow ties I knew I had to enter.
I was super excited when I won and I love the product so I wanted to share more with you:

"Saltabie is a one-woman creative endeavor powered by a fascination with Japanese textiles and copious amounts of salt-water taffy.

Saltabie items are hand-dyed and hand-stitched by yours truly (hi, I'm Shelby!) in the Pacific Northwest with materials imported from around the world.

My muses are Amelia Earhart, Anna Karina, and salty, tattooed sailors with dirty mouths and hearts of gold.

Visit me on Instagram and let's be Insta-Friends! Or send me an email at saltabie@outlook.com"

My minnow tie arrived in a pretty blue hand dyed cotton bag. When you pull the top thread it opens up. (Even Abigail was excited!)
Tucked inside was a lovely handwritten note, product tag, and a cute pink minnow.
I was trying to come up with creative ways to wear it that would keep it out of my pup's reach (She likes to bite my ponytails and long braids when we play... We're working on it...) so I did a Milkmaid-esque braid all around the crown of my head and tied it into the braid on the side.
I was pretty happy with the results.
I love cute hairstyles that keep my long hair managed and up out of the way and my minnow makes this one more fun.

I have to say that I'm definitely a fan. Cute and supporting an artisan is definitely a win win in my book!

Go check her out!

(All other accessories pictured were made by me for my Argento Alchemy line I'm working on.)



You can also contact Saltabie through her website at http://saltabie.bigcartel.com/contact

(All images created and owned by Krista Carson except for the Instagram image by Saltabie.)

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